Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold Collector's Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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Been there, done that, got the T-Rex

Explore 12 different locations

May I Hint You?

Use 50 or more hints

Inventory King

Gather 50 inventory objects

I Gotta Pea!

Find the hidden pea…

Cruise Control

Finish 10 puzzles in the adventure without skipping one


Write 30 diary pages


Touch the rat at least once…

Gecko Says No

Send the Gecko to 10 places he won't go

Eagle Eye

Complete five hidden object games without using a single hint

Real Adventurer

Finish the main adventure

Super Combo

Make a 10-combo in the final door puzzle

Furniture Maven

Gather 200 objects in hidden object games

THE Doctor is in

Finish the Collector's Edition adventure

Walking in Circles

Travel back and forth five times between the same two locations

Brick walls are there for a reason

Lose the final door game 10 times

With Your Eyes Closed

Finish three hidden object puzzles with 100% accuracy

Animal Whisperer

Release and cure all of the game's animals

Fast and Curious

Finish five hidden object games in less than 20 seconds each

Statuettes collector

Collect all the Reclining Buddha statuettes

Let's Make a Movie!

Watch each cinematic and dialogue screen from beginning to end without skipping

Professor X

Finish all hidden object games without using a single hint

Ol' Pixel Finger

Finish all hidden object games with 90% or better accuracy

Super Sleuth

Collect all the secret letters

You Must be a Cyborg

Finish all puzzles in the highest difficulty mode

The Omniscient One

See all videos, view all extras, finish all extra puzzles and find all hidden objects

Just Call Me Ace

Beat all the best scores