Iron Snout achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 41 unknown)

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Fashion Police

Put a basket hat on a wolf

Rocket Bender

Kill an enemy with stray rocket

Wolf Skewer

Impale an enemy with tree branch

Forbidden Love

Get humped by a mini-wolf


Kick the same head twice

Beat 50

Beat 50 wolves in a single fight

Rain of Hooves

Get an epic 25 hit combo

1000 Total Kills

Kill 1000 wolves

Sticky Hooves

Catch 250 items

Balloon Popper

Pop tutorial balloons in less than 10 seconds

Hard Bacon to Chew

Kill 10 enemies in 1HP mode

Rocket Wolf Killer

Kill 100 rocket-riding wolves

Master of Weapons

Get 250 kills with weapons

Strike Out

Deflect 100 projectiles

Granny Slaughter

Kill 100 granny wolves

Stop Jumping Around

Kill 100 pogo wolves

Flexible Bacon

Dodge 100 projectiles

Mad Hatter

Kill 50 enemies with hats

Rockets Kill

Kill 100 wolves by knocking them to rockets

They Came in Like a Wrecking Ball

Knock 3 wolves off their wrecking balls in one game

Head Juggler

Knock off 100 heads

5000 Total Kills

Kill 5000 wolves

10000 Total Kills

Kill 10000 wolves

No Skating!

Strike skateboarder with his board


Kill an enemy with a wig

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Kill a poke-wolf with his pokeball

Beat 100

Beat 100 wolves in a single fight

Pig in the City

Beat 50 enemies in a single city fight

Save the Forest

Kill 100 chainsaw wolves

Shields Won't Help You

Knock enemy shield over the fence

Many Punch Pig

Hit enemies 25000 times

Curious Piglet

Click on a banner in the main screen

Beat 150

Beat 150 wolves in a single fight

Pig still in the City

Beat 100 enemies in a single city fight

Light Up the Level

Activate both lamps during a fight

Hardest Bacon to Chew

Kill 50 enemies in 1HP mode

Beat 200

Beat 200 enemies in a single fight