Filthy Lucre achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Took The Bait

Takedown a distracted enemy

Half Inched

Escape a mission after completing a Primary objective

Locked & Loaded

Purchase any upgrade in the Armoury

Here Comes The Fuzz

Trigger the Hit-squad

Gun For Hire

Reach Rank 5

Got Your Back

Rescue your co-op partner during an interrogation

Sucker Punch

Melee a stunned enemy

Silent But Deadly

Kill an enemy with a Throwing Knife

Show Me The Monet

Escape "Gaffercake" after completing the Primary objective

Snooze Button

Eliminate a guard whilst they're going for the alarm

Bags For Life

Escape any mission with 2 loot bags


Reach Rank 10

Inside Job

Escape “The Shakedown” after completing the Primary objective


Complete a Sabotage mission without being detected

Press This

Blow up the printing presses in "Stop The Press"


Trigger 10 distractions with the Remote Hack Gun

Breaking The Bank

Escape "Kerrching!" after completing the Primary objective

Made Man

Reach Rank 15

High Value Target

Successfully complete all Primary objectives


Assassinate a target in one shot

Secondary Success

Successfully complete all Secondary objectives

Blow The Bloody Doors Off!

Kill an enemy with door explosion

The Collector

Collect all Antiques

Spread Your Load

Kill 2 enemies at once with the Sawn-Off Shotgun

Radio Silence

Jam the guard's radio communications 5 times

Clean Break

Complete a Primary objective without attacking enemies

Run & Gun

Kill 5 enemies with SMG without taking damage

Perfect Timing

Kill 3 enemies simultaneously with a Remote mine

Fully Loaded

Purchase all Equipment & Upgrades from the Armoury

Challenge Champ

Complete all Challenges

Art Collector

Collect all 5 location paintings