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TSW: Trailblazer

Travelled 1 mile on foot

TSW: Centurion

Travelled 100 miles in any locomotive

GWE: Journey Shrinker

Reached a speed of 125MPH in the HST

GWE: Turbo Power

Reached a speed of 90MPH in the Class 166

MSB: Welcome to Main-Spessart Bahn

Complete 1 service on Main-Spessart Bahn

Class 45: Revv'd up

Completed the Diesel Locomotives Introduction tutorial

M7: Junior Operator

Completed the M7 Introduction tutorial

NEC: Day One

Completed the ACS-64 Basic Introduction

GWE: Pushing the Limits

Reached a speed of 75MPH in the Class 66

GWE: Qualified Driver

Successfully completed all tutorials

RT: Green Light

Completed the BR442 Basic Introduction

M7: The Cannonball

Reached a speed of 70mph in the M7

BR185: Fast Freight

Reached 85kmph in the BR185.2

RT: Rapid Transit

Reached 160KPH in the BR442

NEC: Time to Shine

Completed the GP38-2 Basic Introduction

RT: Top Talent

Operated 44.2KM in the BR442

NEC: City Sprinter

Reached 100MPH in the ACS-64

GWE: Peak Performance

Successfully completed all scenarios

MSB: Trio Triumph

Complete all tutorials on Main-Spessart Bahn

Class 101: Mechanical Master

Completed the Class 101 Introduction tutorial

SFJ: Purr-fect Performance

Complete the F40PH-2CAT Introduction tutorial

WSR: Star Pupil

Completed Class 47 Introduction tutorial

RSN: Knowing your TRAXX

Completed the BR185 Introduction tutorial

WSR: Gronk Graduate

Completed Class 09 Introduction tutorial

ECW: Brighton's Best

Reach a speed of 70 mph in the Class 377

GWE: Cross Country

Operated the Class 43 HST for 430 miles

RSN: Learning the Classics

Completed BR143 Introduction tutorial

BR185: The Freight Experience

Operated the BR185.2 for 185km

Class 47: Maxed Out

Reached a speed of 75mph in the Class 47

SFJ: Let's go to San Francisco

Complete 1 service on Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco - San Jose

LIRR: Along for the ride

Completed 70 Passenger Boarding Tasks with the M7

MSB: All in Order

Complete all scenarios on Main-Spessart Bahn

BR143: Controlled Cruise

Reached 100kmph in the BR143

BR182: Sprint 182

Reach a speed of 100kmh in the BR 182

ECW: Shut that door!

Complete East Coastway scenario 'Loose Connection'

TVL: Tractor Trainee

Complete the Class 37 Introduction tutorial

M7: Seven Up

Reached Loco Level 10 for the M7

BR 422: Lightweight Speeds

Reach a speed of 70 km/h in the DB BR 422

OSD: Starting Out

Complete 1 service on Oakville Subdivision

SFJ: Move any Mountain

Complete Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco - San Jose scenario 'Rocky Road'

SFJ: The Fog Has Lifted

Complete all tutorials on Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco - San Jose

NEC: Manhattan Master

Completed all scenarios

LIRR: Accessed All Areas

Completed all scenarios on Long Island Railroad

RRO: Getting Started

Complete 1 service on Rhein-Ruhr Osten

F40PH: Run Cat Run

Complete 40 passenger boarding tasks with the F40PH-2CAT

LIRR: Making Headway

Reached Route Level 10 on Long Island Railroad

ECW: Going Coastal

Complete 10 services on East Coastway

TVL: Metal Sector

Complete Tees Valley Line scenario 'Tubeliner Diversion'

NTP: Trans-Pennine Traveller

Completed all scenarios on Northern Trans-Pennine

BR182: Training Day

Complete the BR 182 Introduction tutorial

ECW: Top and Tailed

Complete East Coastway scenario 'Cutting Closure'

BR182: Trend Setter

Complete the BR 182 scenario 'S-Bahn Sprinter'

BR143: Tap Changer Pro

Operated the BR143 for 143km

RRO: End of the Line

Complete Rhein-Ruhr Osten scenario 'Commuter Conclusion'

RSN: Valley Veteran

Completed all scenarios on Ruhr Sieg Nord

TVL: Tees Total

Complete all tutorials on Tees Valley Line

CL40: Whistler Wizard

Complete the Class 40 Introduction tutorial

ECW: An Electric Star

Complete all training modules on East Coastway

HRR: Ruhr Runner

Complete 1 service on Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr

MP36PH: Bringing the Baby Back

Complete the MP36PH Baby Bullet Introduction

CL08: Gronk Genius

Complete the Class 08 Introduction tutorial

CC: Stainless Steel

Reach a speed of 70mph in the Amfleet Cab Car

TVL: Ice Cream Sunday

Complete Tees Valley Line scenario 'Seaside Summer Special'

ECW: Situational Awareness

Complete all scenarios on East Coastway

GWE: Powerhauler

Operated the DBS 66 for 660 miles

Class 33: Straight Outta Crompton

Completed the Class 33 Introduction tutorial

HRR: Essential Service

Complete Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr scenario 'Essen Connection'

RT: Regional Rider

Rode as a passenger for 44.2KM

SFJ: California Completionist

Complete all scenarios on Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco - San Jose

SW1000R: Sunnyside Switcher

Complete the SW1000R Introduction tutorial

CL52: Class of '52

Complete the Class 52 Introduction tutorial

WSR: Tourist Attraction

Completed 47 passenger boarding tasks

BR155: Power Full

Complete the BR 155 Introduction tutorial

CL377: Electrostar Trekker

Operate the Class 377 for 377 miles

HRR: Snow Trouble

Complete Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr scenario 'Snow Time'

CL377: Passenger Purveyor

Complete 150 passenger boarding tasks using the Class 377

RRO: Top of the Class

Complete all training modules on Rhein-Ruhr Osten

M3: Budding Engineer

Complete the M3 Introduction training module

MP15DC: Becoming a Pro

Complete the MP15DC Introduction training module

WSR: Summer Vacation

Completed all scenarios on West Somerset Railway

TVL: Raking the yard

Complete Tees Valley Line scenario 'Steelworks Shunting'

GP9RM: Making Connections

Complete 90 coupling tasks in the GP9RM

MP36PH: Left in the Dark

Complete the MP36PH scenario Bay Area Breakdown

BR 204: Push and Pull Starter

Complete the BR 204 Introduction training module

NEC: All Aboard

Completed 64 passenger boarding tasks

OSD: Out with the Old

Complete Oakville Subdivision scenario 'In with the New'

HRR: Certified Pro

Complete all training modules on Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr

GP9RM: Taking to the Road

Operate the GP9RM for 90 miles

OSD: Master Class

Complete all training modules on Oakville Subdivision

RRO: Wupper Wonderer

Complete all scenarios on Rhein-Ruhr Osten

CL52: Top-Notch Western

Complete the Class 52 scenario 'Swap Shop'

GWE: Mile Muncher

Operated the Class 166 for 1660 miles

CL31: Blue Star

Completed the BR Class 31 Introduction tutorial

BR155: Power Drive

Complete the BR 155 scenario 'Fossil Fuels'

Class 101: With or Without You

Completed 101 passenger boarding tasks

TVL: Beaming with pride

Complete all scenarios on Tees Valley Line

M7: Change at Jamaica

Operated the M7 for 700 miles

HRR: Building a Background

Complete all scenarios on Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr

Class 33: Bluejacket

Completed the Minehead Mariner scenario

OSD: Building Success

Complete Oakville Subdivision scenario 'Break it down'

M3: Grasping Hands

Complete the M3 scenario Hicksville Handler

CL20: Type 1 Topper

Complete the Class 20 Introduction training module

CL09: Gronk on the go

Operated the Class 09 for 90 miles

CL31: Full Circle

Complete the BR Class 31 scenario Circle Cement

MP15DC: Building Stability

Complete the MP15DC scenario Ballasting Act

BR 422: Stomping Ground

Complete 150 passenger boarding tasks using the DB BR 422

BR182: A Tamed Taurus

Reach Loco Level 10 in the BR 182

BR 204: Shunting Magnificence

Complete the BR 204 scenario Hafenbahnhof Order

Class 45: Hit the Peak

Operated the Class 45 for 450 miles

F40PH: Four One Five

Operate the F40PH-2CAT for 400 miles

BR 422: Wuppertal Commuter

Operate the DB BR 422 for 422 kilometres

SFJ: The Golden Gate

Reach Route Level 20 on Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco - San Jose

NEC: Geep Trail

Operated 380 miles in the GP38-2

RT: Mass Transit

Completed 442 passenger boarding tasks

MSB: Spessart Wanderer

Reach Route Level 20 on Main-Spessart Bahn

BR146: Tour Guide

Complete 146 passenger boarding tasks with the BR 146.2

M3: Long Island Legend

Reach Loco Level 10 in the M3

MP36PH: My Baby and Me

Reach Loco Level 10 in the MP36PH

CL20: Tees Yard Turn Around

Complete the Class 20 scenario Chopper and Change

BR 425: Roaming the Rhein

Operate the DB BR 425 for 425 kilometers

NEC: Northeast Regional

Operated 640 miles in the ACS-64

CL47: Star Tours

Operated the Class 47 for 470 miles

NTP: The Magic Number

Reached Route Level 20 on Northern Trans-Pennine

OSD: Outstanding Service

Complete 20 services on Oakville Subdivision

LIRR: Discovery Island

Collected all collectables on Long Island Railroad

OSD: All in a Day's Work

Complete all scenarios on Oakville Subdivision

MP15DC: Level Up

Reach Loco Level 10 in the MP15DC

NTP: Every Train You Take

Completed 50 Northern Trans-Pennine services

MP15DC: Movement Master

Operate the MP15DC for 150 miles

LIRR: The King of Queens

Complete 70 Long Island Railroad services

MP36PH: Baby Steps

Operate the MP36PH for 360 miles

CL31: Golden Gargoyle

Reach Locomotive Level 10 in the BR Class 31

MSB: Bavarian Bounty

Collect all collectables on Main-Spessart Bahn

NEC: Big Step

Collected all collectibles

Class 33: All the threes

Completed 33 passenger boarding tasks in the Class 33

BR 204: Bidirectional Director

Complete 5 services using the BR 204

RT: Safety First

Acknowledged 500 SIFA alarms

WSR: Preserving Heritage

Collected all collectables on West Somerset Railway

RRO: Rhein-Ruhr Living

Reach Route Level 20 on Rhein-Ruhr Osten

RSN: A Day on the DB

Complete 50 Ruhr Sieg Nord services

CL31: Extended Range

Operate the BR Class 31 for 310 miles

CL40: Fifteen in the Forty

Complete 15 services using the Class 40

CL40: Whistle While you Work

Operate the Class 40 for 400 miles

OSD: Planting Roots

Reach Route Level 20 on Oakville Subdivision

BR146: Making Tracks

Operate the BR 146.2 a distance of 1462km

CC: Keystone King

Complete 50 Passenger Boarding tasks with the Amfleet Cab Car

TVL: Doing the right thing

Complete 50 Tees Valley Line services

RRO: Valley Venture

Complete 100 services on Rhein-Ruhr Osten

M3: Metropolitan Master

Operate the M3 for 300 miles

MP15DC: Light Work

Complete 10 services using the MP15DC

MP36PH: Bay City Bullet

Complete 15 services using the MP36PH

RRO: Above and Beyond

Complete all jobs on Rhein-Ruhr Osten

SW1000R: Superb Switching

Complete 4 services in the SW1000R

CL20: Top Chopper

Reach Loco Level 10 in the Class 20

M3: Long Time Budd

Complete 10 services using the M3

TVL: Look Who's Collecting

Collect all collectables on Tees Valley Line

BR 204: Dedicated Shunter

Operate the BR 204 for 204 kilometres

OSD: Undivided

Complete all jobs on Oakville Subdivision

HRR: Radiant Ruhr

Reach Route Level 20 on Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr

BR 204: V100 Master

Reach Loco Level 10 in the BR 204

RSN: Refurbishment Crew

Collected all collectables on Ruhr Sieg Nord

CL52: Hydraulic Heaven

Complete 15 services using the Class 52

HRR: Master of the Mainline

Complete 100 services on Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr

SFJ: The Big One

Complete 100 services on Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco - San Jose

HRR: Maintenance Master

Complete all jobs on Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr

CL37: Tractor Trail

Operate the Class 37 for 370 miles

RT: Leipzig Legend

Completed all of the available services

SW1000R: Sunnyside Up

Operate the SW1000R for 100 miles

ECW: Southern Servant

Complete 100 services on East Coastway

CL31: Cemented Skillset

Complete 15 services using the BR Class 31

ECW: Coastal Explorer

Complete all jobs on East Coastway

CL20: Flux Capacity

Complete 20 services using the Class 20

Class 33: Solid Steel Construction

Reached Loco Level 10 in the Class 33

CL20: Chopper Non-Stopper

Operate the Class 20 for 200 miles

TVL: The Boro Master

Reach Route Level 20 on Tees Valley Line

CL08: Shunt Master

Operate the Class 08 for 80 miles

BR155: Power Grid

Complete 15 services using the BR 155

BR182: True Taurus

Operate the BR 182 a distance of 1820km

MSB: Clean Sweep

Complete 100 services on Main-Spessart Bahn

BR155: Power Surge

Operate the BR 155 a distance of 1550km

Class 33: Crompton Cruiser

Operated the Class 33 for 330 miles

Class 101: Drive this way

Operated the Class 101 for 1001 miles

SFJ: Discovery Bay

Complete all jobs on Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco - San Jose

BR143: Ruhr Sieg Express

Completed 143 passenger boarding tasks

CL52: Western Region

Operate the Class 52 a distance of 520 miles

WSR: West Country Wonderer

Completed all of the available services

NEC: New Yorker

Completed all of the available services