Abyss Odyssey achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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Once Upon a Time...

Finish the prologue.


Defeat the shopkeeper.

Dream Catcher

Capture a level 10 enemy.

Persistent Adventurer

Uncover the Warlock's secret.

Dance with the Devil

Defeat Paganini, the Demon Violinist.

Lord of Sleep

Defeat the Warlock.

Assassin of Kings

Defeat Verbum Dei.

The Golem

Wishing Well

Unlock the Pincoya.

Lion Tamer

Defeat the Living Creature.

Dream Hunter

Capture a level 25 enemy.

Ultimate Katrien

Equip Katrien with 3 fully upgraded special attacks.

Ultimate Monk

Equip the Ghost Monk with 3 fully upgraded special attacks.

Ultimate Pincoya

Equip the Pincoya with 3 fully upgraded special attacks.

Dream Master

Capture a level 40 enemy.

Online Champion

Win 5 online versus matches in one session.


Defeat the Warlock in nightmare difficulty, "Coop Friendly Fire" must be on.