Orange Moon achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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Destroy turret with grenade


Upgrade your equipment first time

First day on the moon

Complete first level


Find first deposit and deploy beacon

It's easier to buy

Buy upgrade canister


Solve three obelisks puzzle

Day 2

Complete level 2


Unlock Shotgun


Discover excavation site

Demolition Expert

Destroy 25 turrets with grenades

Day 3

Complete level 3

I’m Serious

Kill a loader

Trophy collector

Accumulate 3000 alien matter

Small game

Destroy 100 small orbs

Day 4

Complete level 4


Find laboratory

Hand Cannon

Unlock Hand Cannon

Day 5

Complete level 5

Get off my way

Deal with the Recycler

Etanega Mines

Reach Etanega mines

Day 6

Complete level 6


Fuel the hovercraft and reach the other side of toxic fog.

Jammed by zombie

Lure forgotten astronaut to a jammer and kill it.

Gene clean

Kill Abomination

Day 7

Complete level 7

Plasma Unlocked

Find Plasma rifle on the Moon

Day 8

Complete level 8

Moon is too small

Talk to raider

Uncover the truth

Finish the game

Day 9

Complete level 9

Tech savvy

Board Punisher M1

Punish the Punisher

Destroy Punisher M3


Unlock Minigun

Can Collector

Have 10 upgrade canisters in your inventory

I’ll survive

Upgrade all equipment

Bare hands

Finish the game without upgrading any of your equipment

Serious Firepower

Upgrade all weapons

War machine

Upgrade all weapons and equipment