Toybox Turbos achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Pole Position

Achieved 3 stars in a Classic race

Big Spender

Purchased any vehicle

The New World

Unlocked a new cup

Heavy Traffic

Achieved 3 stars in an Overtake event

Tick Tock

Achieved 3 stars in a Time Trial event

One Down...

Achieved a 3 star rating for every event in a single cup

Paint Job

Repainted any vehicle with a custom colour

Don't Stop!

Achieved 3 stars in an Escape event

Outside the Box

Played an online match against any opponents

Toybox Tour

Completed an event on every track in single player

With Friends Like These...

Played a local match with more than 1 player

What's The Time?

Achieved 3 stars in a Countdown event

Boss Hog

Beat all boss battles


Collected all vehicles

That's Dedication!

Achieved a 3 star rating for every event in the game


Earned 1,000,000 coins