Nightbanes achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 41 unknown)

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Level 2

Reach level 2

Dark Forest investigation

Unlock region Dark Forest

Level 5

Reach level 5

Level 10

Reach level 10

Underground Sewers investigation

Unlock region "Underground Sewers"

Oldtown investigation

Unlock region "Oldtown"

Bane of the undead

Defeat Bone Lord

Master undertaker

Achieve glorified with Gravekeeper Guild


Receive card "Childe"

The howling

Defeat natalia

Level 20

Reach level 20

Industrial complex investigations

Unlock region "Abandoned industrial complex"

Sewer clean-up

Defeat Zlatan

Lesson in humility

Defeat Grandmaster Goku

Level 30

Reach level 30


Achieve glorified with Children of Gaia

Master manipulator

Achieve glorified with Mirrorbreakers


Achieve glorified with Union of the Snake


Defeat raid boss Primordial Dragon

ELO champion

Reach 2000 ELO

Level 40

Reach level 40

Portal master

Defeat raid boss Scintilla the Deathwalker


Defeat raid boss "Darkcrawler titan"

ELO master

Reach 2500 ELO

No clone zone

Defeat Professor Pirkman

Spreading the sickness

Receive card "Plague overlord"

Fiery phoenix rider

Receive card "Firestorm Phoenix"

High ELO master

Reach 2750 ELO

Level 50

Reach level 50

Grand ELO master

Reach 3000 ELO

World destroyer

Receive card "Shockwave"

Oldtown set collector

Complete set "Oldtown"

Base set collector

Complete set "Base"

Infernal planes investigations

Unlock region "Infernal planes"


Defeat raid boss "Lady McCloud"

Cult master

Achieve glorified with Cult of Nebranor

Merely a setback

Defeat Alithia the Warlock Queen

Irresistible temptation

Receive card "Vilevere"

Hell on Earth collector

Complete set "Hell on Earth"

Portals collector

Complete set "Portals"

Toxicity collector

Complete set "Toxicity"