Excubitor achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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Licence to Kill

Pass the tutorial level


Pick up 1 powerup

Junior Miner

Get 10000 voidshards

Crates of Plenty

Capture 1 voidshard container

Weapon Master

Fully upgrade a weapon

The Mechanic

Fully upgrade a turret

One Down

Completed chapter 1


Get 500 kills

Two to Go

Completed chapter 2

Lethal Weapon

Max out the weapon system

For a Few Voidshards More

Get 250000 voidshards


Get 2000 kills

Almost There

Completed chapter 3

All Done

Completed chapter 4

Under the Aegis

Max out the shield system

The Speedster

Max out the engine system

Die Hard

Max out the armor system


Fully upgrade everything

The Collector

Get 600000 voidshards

Lost Dream


Get 5000 kills

Never Forgetti

Bonfire Lit

Paths of Glory

Pass all levels in New Game+

Cathode Ray Arcade