Anna's Quest achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 39 unknown)

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Escape artist

What?! I ain't finished yet?!

Book Worm

Intelligence +1

My lost nightingale

Love, what a wonderful thing

Through the woods

Let the quest continue!

Back to the anvil

You have reached your destination

Roostwig has entered the building

Something better than death we can find anywhere


She probably couldn't read anyways...

So soothing...

You have no power over me!

Mystery solved

Even better than Mozart


He thought she was looking for someone else

Sorry Grandpa

Back to square one…

Honey, honey, honey…

Winnie would be proud!

Game Over!

Players free to leave game now.

A very special drink

Not the kind of cocktail he expected

Show me your true self

What big teeth you have...

Close the deal

Outplayed the Devil

Fussy eater

“No I will not eat my soup”

No posters allowed

This isn't very realistic


Not even the swan is real

You've got mail!

They grow up so fast...

Pain in the hands

Fool me once...


So that's what he was hiding


The beginning is the end


No bees were harmed in the making of this game

Far away from home

Wrong game, mister!

Turn the last page

...and they lived happily ever after?

Mischief maker

Do not play with sharp objects!

Ooh, it's shiny!

So cute!


Kids can be REALLY annoying sometimes...

Little genius

He seems pretty clever


I think I know them from somewhere...


“I sound pretty good”

Kill it! KILL IT!

Not exactly Mozart

Guilty conscience

Not the voices again!


Ugly, but less creepy


Every game needs a goat

Clever reference #451

The idea was good. But Anna's arms were too short

What a mess

And where's the mustard?


Gotta catch them all