Sweet Lily Dreams achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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Novice Eraser

Defeat 10 Phobius.

Helping Those in Need

Complete your first quest.

Off to Advenure!

Play 1 hour of the game.

Fire Extinguisher

Defeat the Pyrophobius.

Dream Traveler

Travel to another dream world.


Win all rounds of Thimblerig.


Defeat the Octophobius.

Trap Master

Manually travel through the Hypercubex.

Member of the Crafting Guild

Acquire the Crafting Guild's Membership Badge.

Skilled Eraser

Defeat 100 Phobius.

Who's Laughing Now?

Defeat It.

Mr. Hyde's Doctor

Defeat Mr. Hyde.

Dawn Breaker

Defeat Baba Yaga.

Judge of Character

Clear the Swamps of Johns Island.

Master Alchemist

Complete all of Doctor Jekyll's alchemy tasks.

Back to the Grave

Defeat the Headless Horseman.


Aid Irving Brush in Sleepy Hollow.


Defeat Imhotep.

Kitty Without Claws

Defeat Maeleth.

Tomb Raider

Complete the Hall of Puzzles.

Vampire Hunter

Defeat Dracula.


Purchase all of Lily's powers.

Bone Crusher

Defeat the Bone Dragon.

Fashion Designer

Purchase all of Lily's dresses.

Masterful Eraser

Defeat 500 Phobius.

Savior of the Dream Worlds!

You finished the game!

Cupido's Little Helper

Bring Ocous and Vivien together.

Interior Designer

Purchase more than 25 pieces of furniture.

Medieval Times

Decorate your house with certain pieces of Armoury furniture.


Hold over 25.000 Memory Orbs.

A Haunted House

Decorate your house with certain pieces of Halloween furniture.

Valentine's Day

Decorate your house with certain pieces of Valentine furniture.

The Library

Decorate your house with certain pieces of Scholar furniture.

Collector of Shiny Things

Collect 25 Accessories.

Master Illuminati

Collect all 12500 Points.

Unified Power

Unlock the secret of touching as few Healing Orbs as possible in the game.

Complete Collection

Collect all 33 Accessories.

Twice a Champion!

Finish the game on New Dream+ mode.