Holyday City: Reloaded achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 42 unknown)

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Living room decoration

Reach 10 Trophies


Buy 1 of each Business


Reach 50 Trophies

Casual player

Play 2 hours

Jimmy, The Advertiser

Hire the Manager "Jimmy, The Advertiser"

New town, more money!

Reach Town lvl 2

Golce Dabbana

Buy your 1st Upgrade


Get 1 City Facility


Buy at least 333 of each business

Do you know how to swim?

Upgrade your Port to Lvl 2

Scale Economy-o-meter

Do the Investment "Scale Economy-o-meter"

Manipulate Time

Get 1 of each time paradox in the Atomic Lab

That day was fast!

Play 24 hours.

Good luck!

Unlock the events (Reach Town lvl 5)

Trophy hunter

Reach 150 Trophies


Buy at least 1111 of each Business

Time to use your pen

Sign your 1st Contract

Another paradox!

Get your 1st Lab Profit Paradox

The lab is on fire

Go max level in all Time Paradoxes in the Atomic Lab

Cooling System

Do the Investment "Cooling System"

Golden Watch

Obtain The Golden Watch Prestige Item

Harbor Master

Upgrade your Port to Lvl 20

I need a yacht

Unlock the Marina (Reach Town lvl 14)

Scuba Diver

Obtain the Scuba Gear from the Marina

City Builder

City Facilities 555 total

Diego, the Young

Hire the Manager "Diego, the Young"

This is FARMA

Buy the 36th Upgrade

1 Week already ?

Play 168 hours.


Sign a Contract with all Agents


Play 200 hours.

Expand the Gallery

Reach 365 Trophies

Travel the World

Unlock the Airport (Reach town lvl 22)

Holyday City

Reach Town Lvl 26 (Holyday City)

The Best Marina

Obtain All the Marina Items

City Aquarium

Unlock the City Aquarium

Green Energy

Buy the 96th Upgrade

Touch the Sky

Reach Town Lvl 31 (Skyline City)

Eye Pleasure

Buy 60 Aquarium items

Trophy Dungeon

Reach 580 Trophies

Audrey, The Mystic

Hire the Manager "Audrey, The Mystic"

Tech is greedy

Increase your Profit Paradox to Lvl 50


City Facilities 1200 total