Mages of Mystralia achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Tougher than She Looks




Destroy a total of 1000 objects in one adventure

Gossip Queen

Have a conversation with 30 NPCs in one adventure


Defeat 500 enemies in one adventure


Air Mastery

Water Mastery

Earth Mastery

Lazy Wizard

Use a Teleportation Anchor 5 times in one adventure


Make a Boar-Rider defeat an ally 5 times in one adventure

Fire Mastery

Fancy Shooter

Defeat an enemy with an Actus spell with a Left or Right rune from far away

Spell Duelist


Defeat 5 goblins with the same spell


Collect a total of 2500 green soulbeads in one adventure

Treasure Hunter

Find 60 chests

Gate Crasher

Find the Mystralian Elixir

Live Live Live

Use a Scarab during a boss battle

The Mage's Path

Find all the runes

It's Not Me

Defeat 10 enemies with your clones

Ghost Buster

Complete the Ghost Buster quests


Create a spell that uses all four elements

A Mage's Arsenal

Find every wand

Arcane Mage

Fully upgrade your mana

Blood Mage

Fully upgrade your health


Reach 100% completion

The Floor is Lava!

Stay on your Creo spells for 2 minutes without touching the ground

Rekt Tower

Complete the Dark Tower in under 10 minutes without dying