The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 68 unknown)

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End of the beginning

You covered the retreat from Viaduct Junction.

Unshackled Genius

You rescued Telsa from the Sewers.

Legacy of the Fool

You found the Mushroom Expert Certificate.

Mirelite Miracle

You found the Frozen Goldfish.

Forbidden path

You reached the Giantwoods.

Masterfully Botched Gift

You found the Masterfully Botched Armor.

Legacy of the Genius

You found Da Vinci's Master Plan.

Shock and Awe

You let loose the Power of Perun.

A Friend from beyond

You got your own Chimera.

Lunar Collection

You found all three Moonstones.

Just a sip

Drink 100 potions.

Shoot'n Tell

You found Tell's Appleshooter Bow.

Out of the frying pan

You took back the Foundry from Harker's forces.


You received a Rare item from a Chimera hunt.

Tough Cookie

Extreme damage survived from a single attack.

Awe and Awe

You found Harker's secret weapon.

Let loose the ghost of war

Let Lady Katarina kill a Boss.

Grey Treasures

You looted the Grey Wizard.

Spanner in the works

You destroyed the Animated Extraction Rig.

Double Exile

You defeated Harker.

Two birds, one pole

You found the Rukh pole.

Eviction Enforcement

You found the hiding Domovoy.

Rage against the machines

You have spent 10.000 Rage points.

A hunter with style

You equiped a full collection of Set items.

A smith's dream

It was a blast!

You saved the Bomb Expert's life.

The roots of evil

Defeat the Dryad Queen

Ghoulish Taste

You ate Woody's Snack.

Who cares whether it's poisonous?

You ate the Suspicious Mushroom.

Glory of a legend

Earn 250.000 Reputation.

Sarge, he keeps coming back!

You have spent heaps of gold on resurrections.

You can be strong...

You have reached 300 Body.

You can be fast...

You have reached 300 Dexterity.

You can be smart...

You have reached 300 Willpower.

Success with clean hands

You completed a Tower Defense campaign map without killing a single monster directly.

Monster Hunter Extraordinaire

You reached level 60 with a Hunter (character class).

In your face, Jones!

You collected 10 Relics for the Resistance.

Easy come, easy go

You spent 10 million gold.

Shopping spree

You got 1.000.000 gold from Katarina's shopping trips.

Titanium Cookie

Survive 5000 damage from a single attack.

From start to finish

Reach level 60 with an imported character from Van Helsing 1.

Maybe a few pints

Drink 1000 potions.

The scorched one

Explode 100 Chemical Tanks.

The Wonderful Wizardov

You reached level 60 with a Thaumaturge (character class).

Hunter of hunters

You killed 100 Champion, Elite or Boss in Scenarios.

A good catch

Collect 25 million gold with any character.

Adeptus Mechanicus

You reached level 60 with an Arcane Mechanic (character class).

Tough as a coffin nail

You completed a Scenario without dying.

Simple ways

You completed a Scenario without using any Powerups.

...but its easier to be just lucky!

Reach 350 Luck.

St. Helsing

You healed other players for a total of 50.000 HP.


You have reached 300 with all four abilities across any number of characters.

One in a million

Complete every Challenge Achievement in the game.

You'll Never Walk Alone

Play with 20 different people in any multiplayer game mode.

Real life is overrated

You completed 20 single player Scenario runs in the game.

Chimera of war

Let your chimera kill 500 enemies.

Ragtag Hero

You completed a Scenario without equipped Cape, Armor, Gloves and Boots.

I'm so Hardcore!

You finished the game with a Hardcore character.

Requiem for a dream

Heroes fall - fate intervenes. Press the following combination on the Main Menu and return to life.

League of extraordinary gentlemen

Reach level 60 with all three character classes (Hunter, Arcane Mechanic and Thaumaturge).

Public enemy number one

Complete a game in every available multiplayer PvP game mode.

The Core

Finish 20 PVP games.

The Grim Reaper himself

Kill 500 other players in any PvP game mode.