Lost Castle achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 81 unknown)

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Lost in The Castle

Be caught into castle by goblins.

Blacksmith's Gratitude

Rescue blacksmith.

Purification of Evil

Kill 100 enemies.

Thief's Gratitude

Rescue thief.

Pharmacist's Gratitude

Rescue pharmacist.

I'll Come Back

Die 5 times.

Smell of Treasure

Open 30 chests.

King Slayer

Defeat King of Goblins.

Crisis of Dinosaur

Defeat The Puppy.

Rookie Treasure Hunter

Reach level 10.

Skull Servants

Summon skull servants.

Give Me the Money Back

Drink Potion of Impoverishment.


Defeat Boss Slime.

A Private Coffer

Collect 500 gold.

Embodiment of Justice

Kill 1000 enemies.

Ghost Servant

Pick up the Ghost Armor.


Open 100 chests.


Drink Ignition Potion, and set fire to everywhere.

Lucky Angel

Drink Potion of Fortune.

Full Moon

Turns into a werewolf.


Drink Giant Potion.


Drink Dwarf Potion.

One More Drink?

Get drunk.

Pitch Dark

Drink Blind Potion.

Answer the Call of Nature

Drink Cathartic Potion, and poo everywhere.

Fart Knight Rises

Drink Fart Potion, and fart everywhere.

Spider Killer

Defeat Demon Spider.


Cast erosion skill.

A Little Cute

Pick up the Spirit.


Kill 500 monsters with a staff.


Defeat Big Head.

Fearless of Death

Die 30 times.

Life or Death

Be saved by Protector of Life.

Raise Dead

Be revived by Badge of Rebirth.

Did you see my little dino ?

Hatch a baby dinosaur.


Kill 500 monsters with a musket.


Save other player successfully.

Senior Treasure Hunter

Reach level 30.

As firm as a rock

Defeat Great Golem.


Kill 500 monsters with a two-handed sword.


Kill 500 monsters with a bow.

Nightmare Crasher

Defeat Nightmare Guardian.

Leader of the fools

Defeat Cyclops.

Beware of sharks!!

Defeat Great Mole Shark.

Potion Addict

Drink 100 potions.


Kill 500 monsters with dual blade.

The Conquerer of Death

Defeat Death Lord.

Silver Conquerer

Defeat General.

The Regicides

Defeat Evil Tyrant.

The Secret Chamber

Enter earl's secret chamber, and accomplish the first playthrough.

Blood Oath

Use 5 blood altars.


Defeat Death Asura.


Collect 3000 gold.


Get poisoned debuff 100 times.


Kill 500 monsters with a spear.


Kill 500 monsters with a single-handed sword.


Record all kinds of monsters in the castle.

Soul Reaper

Collect 3000 evil souls.


Defeat King of Goblins(fortress).

Cursed katana

Defeat Yaksha.

Ghost from the East

Defeat Rakshasa.

It eat up ALL of my meat !!

Feed the baby dinosaur to become adult.

Uncover inside story

Defeat Lord Harwood.

It's time for dinner !!

Give The Puppy a meat.

Too Darn Hot

Get burning debuff 100 times.

Victory over self

Defeat Fallen Treasure Hunter.

Another me in the mirror

Pick up Evil mirror and generate another self.

Dragon Slayer

Defeat Fallen Dreagon.

Give Me A Coat

Get freezing debuff 100 times.


Play one-arm bandit 100 times.

Professional Treasure Hunter

Reach level 80.

See me fly !!

Pick up Fallen Wings.

Rescue Expert

Save others 50 times.

Ghost Guardian

Accomplish final evolution of Ghost Armor.

Master of spirits

3 spirits follow you at the same time.


Destroy Goblin king's fortress ONLY with bombs.

Royal treasury

Record all kinds of items and treasures.

Armed and dangerous

Defeat Death Asura WITHOUT breaking any of its hands.

Master Treasure Hunter

Reach level 110.

The Terminator

Defeat Death Spirit.


Record all kinds of weapons and armor.