Bound By Flame achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 41 unknown)

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First steps

Upgrade a skill

Just a warm-up

Vanquish 25 enemies


Vanquish a Juggernaut

Just a warning

Vanquish 75 enemies

First come, first served

Loot 20 chests


Make 5 improvements to your weapons and armour


Search 50 fallen enemies

Just a slaughter

Vanquish 150 enemies

Sword it out

Kill 50 enemies with a sword

General demoted

Vanquish a Deadwalker General.

Bloody hell

Kill 50 enemies with daggers

Farewell my Concubine

Vanquish a Concubine


Make 100 objects (potions, booby-traps and munitions)


Accomplish 20 side quests

It's a trap!

Set 20 traps and have them sprung

Shot your bolt

Fire 50 crossbow bolts

I'm on fire

Set your enemies aflame 50 times

...the harder they fall

Vanquish Lord Blackfrost

And I don't throw things away

Recycle 30 objects


Poison your enemies 50 times

Unleash the Beast

Accomplish your transformation by following the demon's way

The one and only Lord

Become the most powerful being on Vertiel

Without fear, without reproach

Accomplish all of Randval's personal quests

At the lady's service

Accomplish all of Edwen's personal quests

Purifying fire

Purify Vertiel by bathing it in flame

Master at arms

Unlock all the the Warrior skills and their upgrades


Accomplish all of Sybil's personal quests

Master Ranger

Unlock all of the skills of a Ranger and their upgrades


Use the energy of the Worldheart to annihilate the Ice lords and save Vertiel


Complete Bound by Flame in the Hawk difficulty mode

Psycho killer

Kill 50 enemies with an axe


Preserve your humanity

Erudite love

Seduce Sybil

Ice breaker

Seduce Edwen


Unlock all the Pyromancer specialization skills and their upgrades

Quite a hammering

Kill 50 enemies with a warhammer

A fulfilled elf

Accomplish all of Rhelmar's personal quests


Complete Bound by Flame in the Buffalo difficulty mode


Complete Bound by Flame in the Captain difficulty mode


Seduce Randval

Romance with pointy ears

Seduce Rhelmar