Army Gals achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Meet with Shelton in the sticks


Phew! Just an accident


It was sabotage!

Patched at Start

Get the Directors Cut Patch... Ahem!

Accuse Them All

Could they really do it

Cheryl End

A quickie ending

Hannah Love

A Loving End

Witch Meal

A price must be paid

Accuse Edda

She could do it

Accuse Andrea

Could she do it

Bear Attack


Accidents Happen

It really was just an accident

Accuse Raen

Would she do it

Harem End

All good things


The greater good

Raen Death

There was no saving her


A bad end

Guilty Girls

Did they really do it?


A truly bad end

Andrea Revenge

A woman scorned

Foolish End

Lust will be your downfall

Edda Victorius

Never saw it coming

Edda Love

Love Conquers All

Andrea Love

A family together

Raen Love

Happy Ending Together

Food Insanity

Survived but at what cost

Raen Sick

Try to make it work

Edda Guilty

Fate can be cruel


Let Fate Decide Love

Andrea Guilty

She paid the price