Elite Dangerous Core achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 225 unknown)

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Killer Instinct

Destroyed another ship

I'm a Data Miner

Collected 1 loot data

Splashing Out

Bought a new ship

Well Avoided

Escaped an interdiction

Gettin' it Done

Completed 5 missions

I Found You!

Cashed in a bounty

You Made This?

Collected a manufactured loot material

Any Landing You Walk Away From is a Good One

Landed on a planet

Pilot Papers

Collected 5 different loot data

A Jewel in the Night

Sold data on a celestial body

Mission Possible

Completed 25 Missions

Da Vinci Would be Proud

Created your Commander

Going In For The Kill

Destroyed 25 ships

Great Workmanship

Collected 5 different manufactured loot materials


Completed a planet side mission

Playing the Markets

Achieved a Trade Rank of Merchant

Mission Complete

Completed 50 missions

I am the Dawg

Collected 500,000 credits in bounties


Destroyed 50 ships

A Scanner Lightly

Discovered every body in a system using the Discovery Scanner

Pledge Allegiance

Signed up with a power

You Can Run...

Collected 1,000,000 credits in bounties

Same Day Delivery

Transferred a ship to your current location

That's Scooper

Scooped 100 tonnes of fuel

I Could Work in a Supermarket

Collected 100 loot data

Star Chaser

Sold 500,000 credits worth of celestial body data

Scratching the Surface

Refined 1 tonne of Minerals or Metals

Keep It 100

Completed 100 missions

Death Metal

Destroyed 100 ships

Stars in your Eyes

Sold 1,000,000 credits worth of celestial body data

Come Visit Me

Scanned your first tourist spot

Delivering Meat Bags

Completed a passenger mission

Scooper Hero

Scooped 250 tonnes of fuel

You're Mine

Interdicted a ship

Hello to All Intelligent Lifeforms

Completed 10 planet side missions

Social Engineering

Visited an Engineer


Became Allied with 2 factions at the same time

But You Can't Hide

Collected 2,500,000 credits in bounties

Escape Artist

Escaped 25 interdictions

Where to M'Lady?

Delivered 5 VIP passengers

A New Ranulph?

Achieved an Explorer Rank of Trailblazer

Seeing Stars

MadeĀ 10 stellar body Codex discoveries

Black Market

Sold illegal goods


Scooped a surface resource material in the SRV

Rising Star

Sold 2,500,000 credits worth of celestial body data

On Average, 1 in 26 is a Crash Landing

Made 25 Planetary Landings

All Join On For Multi-crew

Joined a multi-crew


Visited 3 Engineers

Marvel at the Collector

Collected 250 data loot materials


Scooped 10 surface resource materials in the SRV

Fighter Club

Launched a Fighter

Sales Merchant

Sold 1,000 units of cargo

Come Work For Me

Hired a crew member

Is this some kind of bust?

Got a bounty of 10,000 credits while at the helm

Controlled Falling

Spent a total of 5 minutes airborne in the SRV

Mission Accomplished

Completed 250 missions

Wing Friends

Formed a full Wing


Visited 5 Engineers

Exemplary Virtuosity

Collected 25 different manufactured loot materials

The Secret is to Bang the Rocks Together

Completed 25 planet side missions

Driving Miss Daisy

Delivered 25 VIP passengers

Basic Collection

Owned 5 different ships simultaneously

Welcome, Commander

Completed the tutorial

The Devil's in the Detail

Fully mapped a planet or ring using the Detailed Surface Scanner

Make it Rain

Cashed in combat bonds worth 50,000 credits

My-cool Bay

Fitted a Fighter Launch Bay

Mod Culture

Customised 10 modules at an Engineer's workshop

Amateur Chemist

Synthesized materials 1 time

I Got Bills

Spent 50,000 credits hiring crew members


Drove 50 miles in the SRV


Cashed in combat bonds worth 100,000 credits

I Hope This is Profitable

Paid 100,000 credits to crew in profit sharing

Combine Harvester

Scooped 100 surface resource materials in the SRV

Back Seat Commander

Delivered 100 passengers

Cut Loose

Escaped 50 interdictions

Getting The Hang Of It

Made 50 Planetary Landings

I Believe I Can Touch the Sky

Spent 15 continuous seconds airborne in the SRV

And You'll Die Tired

Collected 10,000,000 credits in bounties

Mining Like a Champ

Refined 100 tonnes of Minerals or Metals


Sold 50,000 credits worth of illegal goods

Can I Come and Play?

Had another player join your crew

Great Crews Make Great Profits

Paid 500,000 credits to crew in profit sharing

Working Together

Participated and received a reward in a community goal

Do I Need to Pay Tax on This?

Earned 25,000 credits while being part of another crew

Popping to the Corner Shop

Travelled 1,000 light years from the start

Kepler's Eye

First to discover a planet

What's This Then?

Redeemed 10,000 credits of vouchers from data scanning in the SRV

Bus Driver

Completed 25 passenger missions

Home, Sweet Home

Visited Sol

Fortune 500

Completed 500 missions


Destroyed 500 ships

A Little Help from My Friend

Completed a Wing Mission

There's Dirty Work Afoot

Refined 250 tonnes of minerals or metals

Wanted, Dead or Alive

Got a bounty of 25,000 credits while at the helm

Maybe I'm Too Generous

Paid 2,000,000 credits to crew in profit sharing

You're good, come work for me

Hired an Expert ranked crew member

I've Got Class

Delivered 100 VIP passengers


Dealt with a Materials Trader Contact


Achieved a Combat Rank of Expert

Well Engineered

Customised 50 modules at an Engineer's workshop


Disabled a turret

Who Leaked this Data?

Collected 25 different loot data

Fly My Pretties

Launched a fighter 10 times

Get on Board

Completed 50 passenger missions

A One Commander Economy

Paid 5,000,000 credits to crew in profit sharing

Lave is a Rare Thing

Sold 250,000 credits worth of rares

Split Decision

Used seismic charges to split an asteroid

Combination Harvester

Scooped 500 surface resource materials in the SRV

Refined Taste

Refined 500 tonnes of Minerals or Metals

Squad Goals

Joined or created a Squadron

Cornering the Market

Sold at 50 different markets

Please Release Me

Handed in 1 Occupied escape pod

VTOL Safety Pro

Made 100 Planetary Landings

I Don't Pay You to Think

Spent 250,000 credits hiring crew members

Are We There Yet?

Delivered 500 passengers


Drove 150 miles in the SRV

Career Criminal

Sold 250,000 credits worth of illegal goods

Space Lasso

Interdicted 25 ships

Painite in the Asp

Refined 10 tonnes of Painite

Beneath the Surface

Mined 50 surface deposits


Destroyed 50 skimmers

Heavy Lifting

Sold 10,000 units of cargo

Elite... Dangerous

Destroyed 50 Elite Combat rated ships


Escaped 100 interdictions


Got an Elite Ranking

On Your Own

Completed a Deathmatch

Great kid, don't get cocky

Damaged a ship whilst in the Gunner role of multi-crew

Ship Slayer

Destroyed 1,000 ships

Taxi Driver

Completed 100 passenger missions

Well Trained

Completed the First 5 Training Missions


Delivered 853 passengers

Far from Home

Visited a region outside of the Inner Orion Spur

Data Broker

Redeemed 100,000 credits of vouchers from data scanning in the SRV

Rares, I Like Rares

Sold 1,000,000 credits worth of rares

Put Your Fighters Up

Launched a fighter 25 times

Helping Hand

Got an assist

Are You Talking to Me?

Delivered 1,000 passengers


Completed a Team Deathmatch

Is it dead yet?

Scanned a Guardians site


Handed in 1 Black Box

Analytical Chemist

Synthesized materials 25 times

What Did You Do?

Got a bounty of 100,000 credits while at the helm

A Long Road Ahead

Won a CQC match

Ticket To Ride

Completed 150 passenger missions

Classic Collection

Owned 10 different ships simultaneously

Many Hands

Participated in 5 successful community goals


Refined 25 tonnes of gold

Trick of the Trade

Completed a Tech Broker transaction


Destroyed 100 skimmers

I Have a Staff Turnover Issue

Spent 500,000 credits hiring crew members


Bought 25,000 units of goods


Redeemed 250,000 credits of vouchers from data scanning in the SRV

A Lot of Help from My Friend

Completed 10 Wing Missions

There She Goes

Launched a fighter 50 times

Listening In

Scanned your first listening station

We Win

Won a Team Deathmatch

What Do You Mean, They Cut The Power

Disabled 10 generators

This Looks Weird

Scanned a barnacle

Is there anybody out there?

Visited Colonia

Where Have You Been?

Travelled 25,000 light years from the start

Centre of the Galaxy

Visited Sagittarius A


Killed a Thargoid, or contributed to its destruction

I Will Drive 500 miles

Drove 500 miles in the SRV

Better Prepared

Switched Ship mid match

Market Diversity

Sold at 100 different markets

Pack Your Camera

Scanned 50 tourist spots

Lost and Found

Handed in 1 Personal Effect


Bought 50,000 units of goods

A Real Team Player

Participated in 10 successful community goals

I'm Just Lonely

Interdicted 100 ships

Elite... Dangerous-er

Destroyed 200 Elite Combat rated ships

You do not talk about Fighter Club

Launched a fighter 100 times

Full Fat

Destroyed 250 skimmers

Escape Plan

Handed in 10 Occupied escape pods

A Small Loan

Spent 1,000,000 credits hiring crew members


Won a Deathmatch

How Very English

Bought 1,000 tonnes of tea

Chemical Engineer

Synthesized materials 100 times

Heart Breaker

Killed 10 Thargoids, or contributed to their destruction

Ship Hoarder

Owned 20 different ships simultaneously

Be Prepared

Customized Loadout

Flag Day

Completed a Capture the Flag match


Bought 100,000 units of goods

Miner Miracle

Mined 50 sub-surface deposits

Life Finds a Way

MadeĀ 5 Biological or Geological Codex discoveries

Binary Agent

Visited W Ursae Majoris

and I Will Drive 500 more

Drove 1,000 miles in the SRV


Handed in 25 Occupied escape pods


Won a Capture the Flag match


Handed in 10 Personal Effects

Market Mogul

Sold at 200 different markets

Too Many Cooks?

Participated in 25 successful community goals

Power Saving

Disabled 50 generators

Clean Escape

Handed in 50 Occupied escape pods

Pandora's Box

Handed in 10 Black Boxes

Siphon Filter

Hacked a megaship cargo bay with a hatchbreaker limpet

All Aboard

Travelled on board a carrier to another star system

Xeno Fanatic

Made 5 xenological Codex discoveries

Basic Recon

Stole data with a recon limpet

Close and Personal

Handed in 25 Personal Effects

Triple Elite

Achieved a rank of Elite in Exploration, Combat and Trading

You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Purchased a carrier

Boxing Clever

Handed in 25 Black Boxes


Won 10 Deathmatches

Team Player

Won 10 Team Deathmatches

Give Me That Which I Desire

Donated fuel to another Commander's carrier


Killed 1000 Thargons

Silver Arrow

Won 25 CQC matches

Long Distance Courier Service

Bought a commodity from another Commander's carrier

Ticking the Boxes

Handed in 50 Black Boxes

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Handed in 50 Personal Effects

On the Wrong Side of the Law

Got killed by an ATR

Super Market Sweep

Sold at 500 different markets


Won 50 CQC matches


Won 25 Deathmatches

Pro Player

Achieved a CQC Rank of Professional


Won 10 Capture the Flag matches

Wire Tapped

Scanned 50 listening stations


Won 25 Team Deathmatches


Won 50 Deathmatches

There is no "I" in Team

Won 50 Team Deathmatches

A True Champ

Won 250 CQC matches


Won 50 Capture the Flag matches

Full Ranking

Reached CQC Championship Rank 50

Flag Carrier

Won 25 Capture the Flag matches