Project CARS achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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Ready To Pounce

Had a reaction time of less than 0.2 secs off the starting grid

Keep Calm And Race On

Crashed on or before the first corner then went on to win the race

Pit Boss

Created and saved a Pit Strategy

On Your Left

Lapped an opponent in a race


Won your first Accolade

Do You Smell Somethin'?

Made your brakes reach a temperature of 1000° C

No Roads Needed

Got all four wheels in the air for more than 0.88 secs

Conquered. All. Races. Seriously.

Won every race in a Career Championship

Emergency Stop

Braked to a standstill from 100-0 km/h within 2 secs


Completed every Practice, Qualifying, and Race session in every round in a Career Championship

Requesting Flyby

Entered and exited the pit lane without losing a position (cannot be in last place)

Credit Where Credit's Due

Crashed into the AI counterpart of an SMS employee


Received 12 Invitations

Consistency Is King

Performed 3 consecutive laps within 0.1 sec of each other

Pristine Paintwork

Completed more than 3 Online races with 50% of them avoiding a major collision

Speed Racer

Set a Pole Position time in an Online Public qualifying session

Half Racer, Half Demon

Drove faster than 333 km/h for over 6.66 consecutive secs

My Little Friend

Overtook a car using Formula A KERS

Player 1 Versus The World

Entered and completed more than 25 Online races


Won a Quick Race Weekend with Full Damage, Mechanical Failures, and Tire Wear (must be 5+ laps)


Beat a Ghost from the Time Trial Leaderboards

Lap Time Wizard

Set a time at 50 locations (variations and reverse layouts not necessary)

Grand Chelem

Got pole position in qualifying, fastest lap in the race and won whilst leading every lap

Clean As A Whistle

Won three Online Public races in a row without being involved in a major collision


Took a photo of your Signature Car on your Favorite Location

Taylor Would Be Proud

Won 22 Accolades

Double Rainbow

Won the same Career Championship two years consecutively

Eastbound & Down

Ran the California Highway in under 9 mins in a US car

I Am The 5%

Won an Online Public race using manual gears, and no driving aids, from cockpit view

Home Field Advantage

Won more than 20 events on your Favorite Location

No "I" In Team

Won a Team Championship two years consecutively


Finished on the podium more than 50 times in an Online Public race

One More For The Road

Earned all other Achievements

Triple Crown

Won three Career Championships in three different motorsport disciplines

Community Ambassador

Participated in 20 Driver Network Community Events

Petrolicious Love

Won more than 50 events with your Signature Car

Mailbox Full

Received more than 500 messages from your fans

Sunday Driver

Driven the speed limit (50 km/h) in an Italian car and appreciated the Azure coastal scenery

Zero To Hero

Won the LMP1 World Championship within ten seasons

Reversa Corsa

Completed a Quick Race Weekend lap of Azure Circuit in reverse from cockpit view without collisions

A Day In The Life

Completed a 24 hour race using only realtime progression (and why not stream it?!)

To Affinity & Beyond

Have an Affinity greater than 50% in all car classes

Defending Champ

Defended a Career Championship for three consecutive years

Fully Loaded

Signed 8 Endorsement deals

Hall Of Fame

Completed three Historic Goals and became a racing legend!