Dark Angels: Masquerade of Shadows achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Natural intelligence

Complete 1 mini-game without using a "Skip" button

Talanted designer

Prepared a collection

Animal lover

Fed a cat

My home is my castle

Built barricades


Lair found


Complete 1 HOG scene without using a hint

Light head

Complete 5 mini-games without using "Skip" button

The hunt begins

Learned how to throw chakram

Trusting heart

Tell the truth to psychologist


Initiation at the Order

Accurate shooter

Throwing the chakram on target


Secret entrance is opened

Cunning fox

Used the elixir

Relic hunter

A casket received

Hide and Seek is finished

Opened lair of the Dark

Time traveler

A jump in time

The Middle Ages researcher

A way to the city is opened

Savior hero

Boshar is saved

Skilled engineer

Siege crossbow assembled

Virtuoso interpreter

A secret code divined

A clever cracker

Opened a way to the Cathedral

Soul mate

Meeting with the ancient Guardians

Experienced detective

Disclosed a secret of the Cathedral

Great grandmaster

Unravel the secret of the casket

Dark Angel

Won in a duel

True historian

Learned about famous Keepers

All-seeing eye

Complete 5 HOG scenes without using a hint

Lord of mysteries

Complete all HOG scenes without using a hint


Lied to psychologist

Puzzle master

Complete all mini-games without using "Skip" button