Fields XY achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Your First Steps

Finished Your First Level!

Bridge Builder

Make 1000 blocks with blue!

Platinum V

Get a platinum medal in 5 levels!

Jumping Jack

Grey Matters!

Fill in 1000 Grey Matter Blocks

Some Levels, More Please.

Download community levels!

Can I try again?

Platinum X

Get a platinum medal in 10 levels!


Publish your own levels!

Platinum XV

Get a platinum medal in 15 levels!

Platinum XX

Get a platinum medal in 20 levels!

Orb Collecter

Collect 1000 Orbs

I'm Alive Again

Master Teleporter

Teleport 1000 times!

100% Perfect!

Get platinum in all levels!

Finished All Levels!

Complete all levels.