Hero and Daughter+ achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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Birth of a Level 1 Hero

Ralph's level was reduced to 1!

My First Summon

Summon a girl for the first time.

Village Investment

Participate in the economy of the village.

My Dream Home

Acquire a Home Sweet Home.

Love Ya!

Build enough affection with a girl to see a special scene and illustration.

Maou down

Beat the Dark Lord.

One With a Million

Amass 1,000,000 G.

True Dark Lord Down

Defeat Dehmon.

King of Evil Down

Defeat the king of all evil.

Mixed Bathing

Enter the hot springs with a girl.

Town Investor

Participate in the economy of the town.

Love to Haeti

Complete the Haeti chapter.

To (or Three) the Nines

Reach Level 999 with a character.

Level 100 Challenger

Beat floor 100 of the Challenge Tower.

Dear Lorrie

Complete the I'm A Guard chapter.

Doing It for the Planet

Complete the Anth chapter.

Village Master

Reach Village Level 100.

Level 1000 Challenger

Beat floor 1000 of the Challenge Tower.

Monster Tamer

Defeat a Monster House monster raised to Level 100 or higher.

Secret Bounty

Collect the bounty on "The Dark Lord."

Level 9999 Challenger

Beat floor 9999 of the Challenge Tower.

Master of the Otherworld

Defeat absolutely every foe in the Otherworld in one go.

Town Master

Reach Town Level 100.