Cubotrox achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 12 unknown)

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Good skills!

Place 10 correct cubes consecutively

You are on fire!

Place 20 correct cubes consecutively

This has only just begun

Complete 20 levels

You are not so bad

Earn 20 cubotroxes

Oh my god!

Place 30 correct cubes consecutively


Place 4 correct cubes in 2 seconds

Encouragement! You can do it

Complete 50 levels

That's the way!

Score points 100 times with the maximum multiplier

Are you really going for all them?

Earn 50 cubotroxes


Complete 100 levels

Fast and furious

Score points 10 times consecutively with the maximum multiplier

You are crazy

Earn 100 cubotroxes