Loot or Die achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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New You

Upgrade your helm, weapon and armor.

Good Knight

Defeat the slime knight.


Help a lower level player beat a boss.

Cool Off

Put out the skeleton's flame.

Snake Charmer

Activate Double Damage

An Epic Quest

Turn in a quest for a token.


Best the twin squids.

PvP Virgin

Get your first pvp kill.


Destroy the mech warrior.

Upgrades FTW

Use the anvil to upgrade an item.

Fire and Ice

Equip the Fire Band and Cobalt Band at once.


Call for backup.

Death... Died?

Are you ready for the next challenge?

Fanning the Flames

Equip the flame thrower.

Triple Kill

Kill three opponents in pvp without dying.

Ultimate Victory

Defeat all the double boss challenges.

Defend the Flag

Hold off the hordes for 5 minutes.

Looting King

Achieve 30% Magic Find

Combo Breaker

Use Dark Blast while Shield is active.


Equip two Red Pendants at once.

Healing Time

Achieve 30% Health Per 10 Seconds

Critical Decision

Achieve 30% Critical Hit Chance

Bullet Speed

Achiev 30% Movement Speed


Achieve 30% Life Steal

Big Time User

Achieve 30% Cooldown Reduction


Achieve 30% Reload Speed

A Heart A Day

Achieve 30% Heart Bonus

Lucky You

Achieve 30% Lucky Heal