MagNets achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Used MagNet

Good Job. You can play the game.

Recycled 10 Scrap

Environmentally friendly.

Used Jump

You high flyer, you.

Used Dash


Completed Tutorial

Well done, excellent reading skills.

Scrap Master

5 bots in one drop.

Used Ground Pound

Pound that ground!

Big Scrap

Recycling 100 scrap in one go.

Rank 1

Rank #1: Bunny Beater

Beaucoup de Poop

Going Green

Recycled 1000 scrap.

You Da Bomb

3 bombs at once.

Minor Scrap Master

10 minor bots in one go

Rank 2

Rank #2: Dog Defeater

Eco Warrior

Recycled 2000 scrap.

Rank 3

Rank #3: Cat Conqueror

Rank 4

Rank #4: Savior of the City!

Bot Smorgasbord

What a catch of bots!

Lots of Wool

Max Recycler

Paid 100 scrap for each gift.

Grand Master Scrap

Recycled 4000 scrap.

Healthy Level

No health lost in a level.

Healthy Zone

No health lost in a zone.

King of Recycling

Recycled 8000 scrap.