Battle Chef Brigade achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Well Practiced

Win the practice match against Thrash

Loyal Assistant

Obtain a sample of Ambrosia

Fully Stocked

Stock your pantry with 30 ingredients in one match


Join the Brigade as Mina


Obtain extra points from a Judge for using any Expertise Tome 5 times

Who's Hungry?

Consume 10 ingredients in one match


Deflect 10 projectiles with a heavy attack

A Family Reunited

Light on Her Feet

Kill 3 enemies without touching the ground

Until Next Time

Complete Story Mode

Decked Out

Buy 15 items


Complete all of Pontida's Jobs


Complete all of Thorn's Hunts

Monster Mash

Use Thrash's Heavy Attack to smash a monster into 3 others


Complete all of Belchior's Puzzles

Fast Food

Win a round with over 2 minutes remaining on the match clock

Michelin Starred

Make a dish worth 450 points or more

You Rogue!

Win a duel without using the theme ingredient

Brigade Veteran

Achieve a total round score of 1000 points or more

It's Bouncy!

Heroine of Victusia

Complete Story Mode on Hard

Friendly Competition

Achieve 10 Daily Cook-Off victories

Butter My Biscuits!

Beat the game without losing a match


Reach a combo multiplier of 10

Executive Chef

Reach Brigade Rank 12 in Daily Cook-Off