Hektor achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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Sorry I’m late, Boss

Get screamed at by the Ghast 3 times.


Get killed by the Predator more than 3 times.

Thick Skin

Get hit by the Predator 5 times without dying.

Scaredy Cat

Make the Lighter blow out by moving mouse quickly.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Play through the whole game without consuming any drugs.


Get strangled by the sniper more than once in Dream II.


Pick up 100 items.

God Mode

Complete the game without taking any damage.


Pull the Lever in the wrong direction 5 times.

Conspiracy Theorist

Collect all notes in a single playthrough.


Consume 100 pills.

Energy Saver

Play thourgh the whole game without using any batteries.

Most Cowardly, Most Frantic

Remain in constant motion for 5 minutes.

Fire Hazard

Turn off the water in under 1 minute in Dream I.

Speed Run

Complete the game in under one hour.

För Kung & Riksdag!

Collect all the meatball cans.

R. Charles

Complete game without using the Lighter or the Flashlight.