Isbarah achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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Time to grow up

Dash your father

You shall not pass!

Stop 30 bullets with a single Wall

It could happen to anyone

Have a Game Over during a Chase phase

A new Goddess

Finish Chapter 1 without using any Continue

Tough opponent

Have a Game Over 3 times fighting the same boss during one gaming session

Mara is not your friend!

Finish a boss without using the Slow ability

Pro gunner

Activate 200 Railguns

Sworn enemy

Have a Game Over 6 times fighting the same boss during one gaming session

I could do it with my hands behind my back!

Finish a boss without getting hit

Same player shoot again!

Have a Game Over during the last Spell of a boss less than 2 seconds before its end

You can't deal with the Ankou

Finish Jackal losing one heart during each Spell (Hard or 7th Hell mode)

God of the machines

Activate 3 railguns at the same time

Let's graze!

Put your graze level to 50 in less than 7 seconds


Have a Game Over 9 times fighting the same boss during one gaming session

Future hunter

Finish 30 perfect Spells

A being's nature

Finish Chapter 2 without using any Continue


Empty the Slow gauge 10 times in a single fight

Dad Rush

Finish the first level in less than 3'48 without skipping the tutorial

Tightrope walker

Stay in the air at least 1 minute standing only on Barriers and without getting hit

Expert hunter

Finish 60 perfect Spells

One lifetime

Finish Chapter 3 without using any Continue


Finish Abaddon using only the Dash ability and the Down key

Master hunter

Finish 90 perfect Spells


Win at least 40k graze points during Abaddon's second Spell

Master of the nightmares

Finish Nightmare without getting hit during his Custom phases

Triumph with peril

Finish a boss with all 3 challenges


Finish Death

The force awakens

Finish a level with the Ghost Bullet without getting hit

Jackpot wrath

Win at least 79k graze points during Wrath of Nature's first Spell

Genocide and lack of consciousness

Finish Chapter 4 without using any Continue

You have no power here!

Finish the Bird of Time without using either the Slow motion nor the Barrier power (Hard or 7th Hell mode)

Time of choice

Finish Chapter 5 without using any Continue

A new direction

Finish Chapter 6 without using any Continue


Finish all levels in Hard Mode

Welcome back!

Come back after a 1-week absence

God of the Dimension of Dreams

Finish chapter 5 without getting hit (Hard or 7th Hell mode)

Isbarah's great hero

Get ranked 7 in all levels (126 score ranks to unlock)


Finish Death in Hard Mode without getting hit