Divekick achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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I Have My Reasons

Beat story mode with one character.

No Skills Needed

Win a ranked match without using any special moves.

Not A Factor

Win a ranked match without activating Kickfactor.

Dat Triple

Get a triple S ranking in a ranked match.

Found A Fraud

Fraud detect an opponent in a ranked match.


Beat story mode using the YOLO Gem.

You Only Live Once

Win a ranked match using the YOLO Gem.

Choked Out

Choke detect an opponent in a ranked match.

Reversal of Fortune

Knock out an opponent who is in Kickfactor while you are concussed in a ranked match.

A Real Headache

Win a ranked match by getting TOTAL DOMINATION.

Plot Matters

Beat story mode with all thirteen of the original Divekick characters.

Real Divekicker

Play 500 ranked matches.

Body Builder

Play 1000 matches in VS mode.

Grinder Supreme

Play 2000 ranked matches.