Almightree: The Last Dreamer achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Ooh, Shiny!

Collect your first Sunsphere

Plantsportation for Dummies

Do your first Plantsportation

Free Fall

Have your first death

First World Savior

Complete 10 stages

Plant of Steel

Get injured 9 times by dangerous plants in one stage

Close Enough

Complete a stage with no safe block behind

I'll be Back!

Play a stage 3 times in a row

Agile Dreamer

Score a total of 40000 through all stages

Second World Savior

Complete 20 stages

Blue and Red

Complete 1 round of Local Speedrace

Finish Line

Complete 1 round of Online Speedrace

Tryin' to be Hardcore

Complete 20 challenges

Screen Splitter

Complete 10 rounds of Local Speedrace

Rising Star

Win 5 rounds of Online Speedrace

Running Sage

Score a total of 120000 through all stages


Complete 10 rounds of Online Speedrace

Kinda Hardcore

Complete 40 challenges


Win 15 rounds of Online Speedrace