David. achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Finished Intro.

You know the basics, now put them to work.

Greed on Very.

I'm proud of you. <3

Anger on Very

Yeah right!

Wolf on Very.


Anxt on Very.

V Anxt Wow

Brood on Very.


Lies on Very.

yes no yes no

Pride on Very.

pew pew pew!

Flee on Very.

Sorry about this one. ;)

Found the Super Secret Basket-Ballpit Gate!

Le vull to too two tutu. Bah tum left. aunt op THE ROCK IS COOKIN'.

Sin on Okay.


Drag on Very.

no no no no no...

Shoulda Chose VERY

Complete a level on EASY, but don't lose a single life.

Sin on Very.

Here, have a "hat"!

Stray on Very.

where did dey go?

Flood on Very.


Coil on Very.

Sneaky snakes sneakin.

100 in Arena.

You're rich!

Pent on Very.

007 status dodgin them lazerz.

Found the Secret Tape!

L8r sk8r.

Knife to a Gun Fight

Get 10 points in Arena with 1 HP, 1 Ammo, 0 Shield, and no upgrades.