Deus Ex: The Fall achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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Tools of the Trade

Attach a silencer and a laser sight to one of your weapons.

One Shot, One Kill

Perform a headshot on an enemy with the crossbow.

Bomb Squad

Disarm a mine.


Collect 2000 credits hidden in the world.

Piss Off Barrett

Total Evasion

Hide from an alerted guard until he loses interest and returns to his patrol.

Hack the Planet

Successfully hack 10 devices without using an Auto-Hack.

Not So Human After All

Spend 20 praxis points on Augmentations.


Perform 25 Takedowns.

I Come In Peace

Turn a robot against its masters.

Spilling the Beans

It's Over 9000!

Spend 9001 credits in the store.


Destroy a locked door.

Hush Little Baby

Attach the tranquilizer modification to the crossbow.

Double Trouble

Perform a double Takedown.

Starting Off On the Right Foot

Complete the tutorial without killing anyone.

Natural Born Pacifist

Complete the entirety of Part 1 without killing anyone.

Bargain Hunter

Smashing Entrance

Perform a Takedown through a wall.

Bye Bye, Big Brother

Use the stun gun to disable a security camera.

Crunch Time

Eat 25 energy bars.

Surprise Party

Perform a Takedown on a stunned enemy.

Stopping Power

Fully upgrade the damage of any shotgun.

Hard Times

Unlock the Power

Purchase 10 praxis kits.

Packing Heat

Own a rocket launcher and a plasma rifle.

Boy Scout


Complete all the Side Quests in Panama.