Jagged Alliance Flashback achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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First Strike

Complete the first mission


Kill 25 enemies

Side Dish

Complete a side mission

Side Chef

Complete all side missions

Spicy Affair

Complete the Spice questline


Use 5 bandages


Hire 5 Mercenaries

Who Called The Doctor?

Heal 5 mercenaries in doctor mode

Baby Boot Camp

Train 5 militia squads

Cold-Blooded Killer

Kill 100 Enemies

Big Boy Boot Camp

Train 25 militia squads

Money Man

Hire 15 Mercenaries

Mercenary Tryouts

Train 75 militia squads

What's Up Doc?

Heal 50 mercenaries in doctor mode


Use 25 bandages

The Reaper

Kill 500 enemies

Big Boss

Hire 50 Mercenaries

What, Who, Where?

Find a way to Angetta

Dead Prince of San Hermanos

Kill the prince and complete the game


Destroy 10 environment pieces

This Is My House

Heal 100 mercenaries in doctor mode

Medicine Man

Use 50 bandages

Demo Guy

Destroy 50 environment pieces

Demolition Man

Destroy 100 environment pieces