Insanity Clicker achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 102 unknown)

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Fast clicks

Click 10 times

Chain of strikes

Click 30 times

Barrage of strikes

Click 50 times

Convulsive strikes

Click 500 times

Abominations Eradicator

Kill 10 bosses during all the playthrough.

Realized Potential

Buy 10 minion skills.

Witch Hunter

Kill 1000 monsters

Treasure Hunter

Open 10 chests during all the playthrough.

Skulls Collector

Kill 25 bosses during all the playthrough.

Infinite strikes

Click 5000 times

Surgical Intervention

Buy 25minion skills.

Drenched in Blood

Kill 50 bosses during all the playthrough.

After-Surgery Complications

Buy 50 minion skills

Oh, Shiny Thing

Collect crystall.

Fistful of Jewels

Collect 5 crystalls


Buy 75 minion skills

First signs of Kleptomania

Open 50 chests during all the playthrough.


Kill 5000 monsters

Valuable Crystals

Collect 10 crystalls

Dark Acolyte

Perform Hellish ritual

Between Life and Death

Buy 100 minion skills

Memory Loss

Suffer through Amnesia once

Kleptomania resurges

Open 100 chests during all the playthrough.

Hard Cash

Collect 25 crystalls

First Serious Task

Finish level 100

Forgotten Cult Initiate

Perform Hellish ritual 5 times

Accursed Digger

Collect 100 crystalls

First Find

Collect equipment item.

Violated Memory

Receive sin after Amnesia

Lost Treasures

Collect 250 crystalls


Kill 25000 monsters

Adept of Forgotten Gods

Perform Hellish ritual 10 times

Green Is My Favorite Color!

Collect 1000 crystalls

Lucky victory

Sins of a Life Past

Receive no less than 5 sins after Amnesia


Receive no less than 10 sins after Amnesia

We Wear What We Can Get

Collect 5 equipment items.

Accursed Exorcist

Perform Hellish ritual 25 times

Tear to Shreds!

Split equipment item.


Open 1000 chests during all the playthrough.

Enough for Two

Collect 10 equipment items.

Fresh Scars

Receive no less than 25 sins after Amnesia

Short Memory

Suffer through Amnesia 10 times

Access to Dangerous Places

Finish level 250

Corrupted Path

Receive no less than 50 sins after Amnesia

Doomsday Rider

Perform Hellish ritual 50 times


Split 5 equipment items.

Great Redemption

Receive no less than 100 sins after Amnesia

Severe form of bulimia

Raise bulimia to level 15

Wardrobe Full

Collect 25 equipment items.

Here Be Monsters

Finish level 500

Severe form of agoraphobia

Raise agoraphobia to level 25

The Enlightened

Receive no less than 250 sins after Amnesia

They Were Unnecessary

Split 10 equipment items.

Severe form of autophobia

Raise autophobia to level 25

Severe form of obsession

Raise obsession to level 25

Severe form of kleptomania

Raise kleptomania to level 25


Receive upgrade "Double Damage"

Severe form of depression

Raise depression to level 25

Severe form of delirium

Raise delirium to level 25

Dress for Any Size

Collect 50 equipment items.

Severe form of oniomania

Raise oniomania to level 25

Severe form of delerium tremens

Raise delerium tremens to level 25

Not My Fit

Split 25 equipment items.

Severe form of нysteria

Raise hysteria to level 25

Severe form of melancholy

Raise melancholy to level 25

Severe form of bipolar disorder

Raise bipolar disorder to level 25

Severe form of sadism

Raise sadism to level 25

Severe form of paranoia

Raise paranoia to level 25

Severe form of neurasthenia

Raise neurasthenia to level 25

Severe form of masochism

Raise masochism to level 25

Severe form of fetishism

Raise fetishism to level 25

Path to Nowhere

Finish level 1000

Severe form of thanatophobia

Raise thanatophobia to level 25

Drop the Burden

Split 50 equipment items.

Severe form of ludomania

Raise ludomania to level 25

Enough to Choose from!

Collect 100 equipment items.


Easier to Ditch than Wash

Split 100 equipment items.

Dire Consequences

Suffer through Amnesia 50 times

Promising new one

Novice takes the fight

No Turning Back

Finish level 2000

Horrifying Squad

Hire all minions

“Your speed is reduced”

Collect 250 equipment items.

Anyone Alive?

Finish level 3000

Who am I? Where am I?

Suffer through Amnesia 100 times

Elevator Out of Order

Finish level 4000

Massive Salvage

Split 250 equipment items.




Don’t remember it-Didn’t do it

Suffer through Amnesia 250 times

Thirst for adrenaline


Tought fighter



Free-for-all fights veteran

Mongoose speed

Hall of Fame member