Mercury: Cascade into Madness achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 58 unknown)

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Complete Chapter One

By Night

Complete Chapter Two

A Way with People


Complete the 'Thorough' Side Quest

Circle of Woe

Complete Chapter Three


Complete Chapter Four

A Favour

Complete the 'A Favour' Side Quest

Explosive Situation

Complete Chapter Five

Hunter and Hunted

Complete Chapter Six

Rule of Disorder

Complete Chapter Nine

An Upgrade

Complete the 'An Upgrade' Side Quest


Complete the 'Smugglers' Side Quest


Complete Chapter Seven

Head On

Complete Chapter Eight

Day of Retribution

Complete the game on any difficulty

A Girl's Best Friend

Complete the 'Girl's Best Friend' Side Quest

A Mad Genius

Complete the 'Mad Genius' Side Quest


Use women to get rid of one of Nathan's bodyguards

It's Personal

Complete the 'It's Personal' Side Quest

A Spy in Blue

Complete the 'A Spy in Blue' Side Quest

A Devious Ploy

Complete the 'Devious Ploy' Side Quest

The Benefactor

Complete 'The Benefactor' Side Quest

Into The Machine

Complete Chapter Ten

Pacifist III

Streets Run Red

Complete Chapter Eleven

No Time For Cowards

There'll Be Another Chance

Pacifist I

Favour Returned

Convince Spade to offer you support

Status Quo Ending

Got both perpetrators successfully arrested and saved the city

The Breaking Point

Successfully use torture methods to make Nathan talk

A Finishing Touch

A Reasonable Approach

Agree with Carmine

Blood for Blood


Pacifist II

Drastic Measures

Agree with Centurion

Fallen Eagle

Friends with the Law

Achieved Maximum Trust with Brent

Neo Future Ending

Seen a new, 'brighter' future

Done my Research

Convince Nathan to spill all the info without resorting to torture

Disaster Ending

Disaster has struck the city, we should’ve been more careful!


Use an alcoholic drink to get rid of one of Nathan's bodyguards

Inside Man

Convince Alexin to offer you support

Tough SOB

Have Keler survive all the way until the end of the game

Way of the Tactician

Fully disable the Aldrion Palace Sentinel Bot

Stolen Goods

Complete the 'Stolen Goods' Side Quest

Loyal to the Bone

Complete the game whilst having good relations with Carmine, Centurion, Brent, Spade, Alexin, and Keler


Read every single news update within the same playthrough

Public Enemy Number One

Carefully Chosen Words

Clean Record

Beat the game without acquiring a single cop kill, break in, or torture infamy

Day of Reckoning

Complete the game on Challenging difficulty

Way of the Brute Force

Take on and destroy the Aldrion Sentinel Bot without disabling any of its systems


A Bitter Sting

Worse Than the Thugs

Beat the game whilst acquiring a maximum number of cop kills, break ins, and tortures


Use a hallucinogenic shot to get rid of one of Nathan’s bodyguards