Cryptocurrency Clicker achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 51 unknown)

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Improved performance

Buy a PSU

Cool down, dude

Buy a new cooling system

Press your key faster

Buy a new keyboard

Click Click Click

Buy a new mouse

Now you see it

Buy a new computer monitor

One more CPU, please

Buy a new CPU

My first million

Gain 1 million bitcoins

Cash Overflow

Generate 5000 bitcoins per second

High five

Buy 5 CPUs

Mining Accelerator

Buy a new GPU

The fastest finger in the World

Click 10 times per second

Aspiration for the Future

Get the most up-to-date visual style of display, keyboard and mouse

Am I already rich?

Gain 2 millions bitcoins

10 out of 10

Buy 10 CPUs

Yes, I'm very rich!

Gain 5 millions bitcoins

I make millions

Gain 10 millions bitcoins

New Rockefeller

Gain 1 billion bitcoins

10x acceleration

Buy 10 GPUs


Buy 25 CPUs

Liquid nitrogen flows through our veins, cooling our brains

Buy 50 cooling systems

Happy Farmer

Buy 10 GPU farms

My farm, my rules

Buy 5 GPU farms

I can buy this city

Gain 2 billions bitcoins

Turbo acceleration

Buy 20 GPUs

Workout is life

Click 15 times per second

How much does the Moon cost?

Gain 5 billions bitcoins

What to spend this money on?

Gain 10 billions bitcoins


Buy 15 GPU farms

New technologies

Go to the new crypto currency market

Old McDonald had a farm

Buy a mining farm

Red Eyes

Click a million bitcoins under an energy drink

Knight of the square table

Buy a new table

Not the plane, but all the same!

Buy a carpet

Game of Thrones

Buy a new chair

Be tired of thirst!

Buy a drink for character

All the World’s Riches

Gain 1 trillion bitcoins


Buy 5 mining farms


Buy a supercomputer

Poster with your favorite idol

Buy a poster

Plant scientist

Buy a plant

Let there be light!

Buy a lamp

Throw the money on the floor

Buy an item for the floor

And now I make trillions

Gain 2 trillions bitcoins

Cryptowallet full of coins

Gain 5 trillions bitcoins

You can call me The Boss

Gain 10 trillions bitcoins

Energy Beast

Click a billion bitcoins under an energy drink

The richest farmer

Buy 15 mining farms

Digital Tycoon

Buy a data center

Mister Gadget

Buy each type of game object.

Limitless Money

Gain 1 quadrillion bitcoins

Sports Nutrition

Buy a protein bar 50 times