DRAGON: A Game About a Dragon achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Trick a Lancer into dashing down a pit.

Bubbles Shining Over the Sea

Finish the game with the regular ending.

The Drums of War

Defeat TM-061 without taking damage.

I'll Try Anything Once

Complete the NPC's secret sidequest.

A Man! Of the Sea!

Defeat the Admiral without taking damage.

Blues and Greens Brothers

Find five very special treasures.

Hot Like Fire, Cool Like Water

Learn to use Magic Breath.

And at Every Ten Thousand Points

Have 10,000 gold at once without depositing it at home.

The Lowest Form of Humor

Defeat the Bishounent without taking damage.

The Sly Eagle

Find the Stannum Sollerets and all five gemstones.

I've Covered Wars, You Know

Defeat Boudouin and Alex without taking damage.

The Moon and the Stars and ~Me~

Finish the game with the best ending.

Worst 4v4 Team Ever

Defeat the king's bodyguards without taking damage.

Tied for First

Get Dragon to whistle three particular songs.

I Woulda Wrecked Erdrick

Clear the game without increasing your HP from taking damage.