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Darwin Would Be Proud

Died three times

It's a Trap!

What Was That?!?


Would You Like To Know More?

Find your first Asylum File

I’m In Charge

Fought first NPC

It Was An Accident

Who is the Jigsaw Killer?

Find your first Patient File

Forced Entry

Unlocked First Door

Pipe Dream

Five kills with a Pipe

Just Experimenting

Used Health Syringe for the first time

Damaged Goods


First kill with a Scalpel


Four kills with a Bat

Kill or Be Killed

Killed a Collared Minion with a collar detonation

Hit and Run

Sometimes It Sticks

Five kills with a Nail Bat

Cleaning Up

Five kills with a Mop Handle

Give Me Five!

Five kills with a Mannequin Arm

Say Hello To My Little Friend

First kill with a Gun

You'll Need This Afterwards

First kill with a Crutch

Absent Parent

Lights Off

Five kills with a Table Lamp


You’ve Wasted Your Life

You've Been Served

Five kills with a Table Leg

Eager Student

Born Victim

Violence Begets Violence


First kill with a Syringe

Cost of the Truth

Never Truly Free

Grave Digger

First kill with a Shovel

Stop, Drop, And Roll

First kill with a Molotov

Hatchet Job

Five kills with a Hatchet

Splitting Headache

First kill with a Scissors

Curb Stomp

Stomped first Minion to Death

Lock Smith

Unlock 5 locked doors

Choked Up

First kill with a Gas Mine


Kill 10 Minions

Wait For The Boom

First kill with an Explosive Mine


First kill with a Stun Mine


Kill 20 Minions

I Can Stop Anytime

Used 20 Health Syringes


Stomped five Minions to Death


Unlock 20 locked doors.