Hitman GO: Definitive Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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Two For One

Killed 2 enemies at once.


Throw an object without alerting anyone.

The Long Walk

Play for at least 1,000 turns.

Creepy Crawler

Killed an enemy by emerging from a Secret Passage.


Kill 5 enemies at once.


Worn all three disguise types.


Complete all objectives in the first box.

Brain Freeze

Kill 100 Static (Blue) enemies.

Time Waster

Play for at least 100 turns in a single level.

Marathon Runner

Play for at least 5,000 turns.

Party's Over

Complete all objectives in the second box.

Dog Whisperer

Get chased by three guard dogs simultaneously.

Lazy 47

Get pushed 100 steps.

Dead End

Kill 100 Patrol (Yellow) enemies.

Wedding Crasher

Complete all objectives in the third box.

Hint Rebel

Used a hint, ignored the instructions but finished the level...

Now You See Me...

Kill 100 Turning (Teal) enemies.

Deal Breaker

Complete all objectives in the fourth chapter.

Controlled Demolition

Crush three enemies under a falling statue.

Curtains Down

Complete all objectives in the opera chapter.

Sale: B2G1

Kill 100 Pair (Grey) enemies.


Complete all objectives in the sixth chapter.

Flesh Wound

Die at least 200 times.

Meeting Ajourned

Complete all objectives in the St. Petersburg Stakeout Chapter.

Silent Assassin

Complete all objectives in all chapters without using a single hint.

Trigger Happy

Kill 100 enemies using the Silverballers.