Heroes of Havoc achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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The Impvasion

Unlock Trial 1 - The Impvasion


Unlock the competitive PVP modes by opening the Dark Portal


Unlock the Chest in the Main Menu

The Hunted

Unlock Timed 1 - The Hunted


Unlock Elite Campaign


Unlock the Visting Merchant

Idle Mode

Unlock Idle Mode - Heroes will continue fighting without you


Unlock Crusade Mode

Equipment Upgrades

Unlocks the ability to upgrade your equipment

Rise of the Robots

Unlock Trial 2 - Rise of the Robots

Dungeons and Dragons

Unlock Timed 2 - Dungeons and Dragons


Unlocks the mysterious power of Relics

Only Human

Unlock Trial 3 - Only Human

The Green Meanies

Unlock Timed 3 - The Green Meanies


Unlocks the ability to upgrade your heroes' rarity