Jaques Roque achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 29 unknown)

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Good Start

First Level done. Now simply repeat 99 times.

Oh I love Treasures

A profitable Adventure

The Gin Lamp

The Gin Lamp is empty, I'm afraid. Erm... I was a tiny little bit thirsty.

Indiscriminate Hoarding

The Flying Carpet

I have nailed down the flying carpet.

Egypt dig

I plundered every Pyramid. Even some undiscovered ones.

The Death Mask of El Lardo

It looks like it lives up to its name.

The amulet of Samukant

Protects me from my mother in law's filthy stares.

Rich beyond Imagination

The Diamond Dagger

A real cut-it-all.

Maya Temple Explorer

The Maya hold no secrets for me any more.


The Haunted Castle is not scary at all.

The Crown

The crown is extremely heavy. I think I've already got a stiff neck.

Carstelli's Drinking Horn

Very well suited to be used as a beer hump.


The emerald is so big, it has got it's own zip code.

The sword of king Carstelli

I always use as a paper knife for bills.

King Carstellis Ring

Flashing King Carstelli's ring improves my way with girls a lot.


Unbelievable how much those lazy miners missed.

Neptuns Trident

I like to use Neptun's trident to eat Spaghetti with.

The Crystal of Atlantis

It always tells me that I'm rich and gorgeous. It is right.

The Tome of Knowlege

Strange! The tome of knowledge contains only white empty pages!

The Hammer of Justice

It is just that it is hanging at my wall.

Deep Dive

Atlantis wasn't all that mysterious. I just wish I knew why ...

The Celtic Cup

It's perfect for a good wine.

Bronze in all Levels

Hey at least I took some treasures.

Ok I'll stop counting now

Silver in all levels

Gold in all levels