Neoverse achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 37 unknown)

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Like a Wind

Kept your starting HP during 10 battles and won them

Master of Combo

Successfully triggered a Combo 50 times


Cleared the game while having over 2000 Gold accumulated

Busy Hands

Used more than 100 cards in a single battle

Carpet Bombing

Dealt over 100 damage in one turn

Master of Naya

Cleared all stages with Naya


Won a battle while having more than 10 Hindrance cards in the deck

Master of Claire

Cleared all stages with Claire

Case Closer

Completed all missions when cleared


Cleared the game while having reset the Data Store more than 5 times

Master of Precision

Successfully triggered a Precision 30 times

Master of Helena

Cleared all stages with Helena

5 Fingers Would Be Enough

Less than 5 cards used in a single battle

100 stages cleared

Cleared 100 battles!

Monster Slayer

300 monsters killed in normal battles

Boss Slayer

Cleared 20 boss battles!

Registered Hunter

Cleared Hunter Mode

Nothing Needed

Cleared all stages without using any items

Master of Parrying

Successfully triggered a Parry 50 times

Elite Slayer

Cleared 50 Elite Battles!


Cleared all stages within 30 minutes

Transcended Universe 5

Cleared [Transcended Universe] Lv.5

Poor Rich Man

Cleared all stages without spending Gold


Won all stages while keeping your starting HP

Transcended Universe 10

Cleared [Transcended Universe] Lv.10

Claire The Transcendence

Cleared final stage using Claire

Naya The Transcendence

Cleared final stage using Naya

Great Master

Cleared all stages without acquiring additional skills

Stone Age

Cleared all stages without having Evolved cards in deck

Helena The Transcendence

Cleared final stage using Helena

Forward March

Cleared all stages without having Defend cards in deck

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode Conquered


Cleared the game with over 50 cards in possession

Lucky 777

Cleared a game with 7 cards or less

Skill Master

Cleared the game while having all skills activated

Transcended Universe 15

Cleared [Transcended Universe] Lv.15

1000 stages cleared

Cleared 1000 battles!