Kalimba achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 41 unknown)

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The Bouncing Achievement

Complete the Bouncing room

Bling Bling

Get a golden totem piece in Kalimba

Snake Charmer

Save the Underworld by defeating The Snake

I like turtles!

Complete the Gravity room


Kill 50 seekers

Twin Slayer

Save the Middleworld by defeating The Twins

Like a rockstar

Tumble into an end level totempiece

Plot Twist!

Discover the Dark Void

The Color Achievement

Complete the Color room

Bird Beater

Save Kalimba by defeating The Bird

The Floating Achievement

Complete the Floating room

The Fragile Achievement

Complete the Fragile room

The Freezing Achievement

Complete the Freezing room

The Friendship test

Achieve a golden coop totem piece in Kalimba

Meep Meep

Beat any Hoebear time in Puma Mode

The Friendship Has Sailed

Complete the Dark Void co-op

Who's a perky log now!

Complete the Dark Void

The Precision Achievement

Complete the Precision room

The Challenging Achievement

Complete the Challenging room


Re-assemble the menu pyramid


Defeat a boss without dying

Gold Digger

Achieve an all golden Underworld totem

There's no place like Metaspace

Get a score higher than 50 in a Metaspace


Find all challengerooms

The Achieving Achievement

Complete all the rooms

¡Cuidado! ¡Llamas!

Complete a game of Llama


Achieve an all golden Middleworld totem


That's right!

Complete a Kalimba level without dying and always pressing right on the joypad

Secret Dance Party

You... Yes, you!

Squash the seeker in "Jeffmoldblum"

The Midas Touch

Get an all golden Kalimba totem pole

Kalimba in the sky

Achieve an all golden Upperworld totem

Totem poles everywhere!

Achieve an all golden The Dark Void Solo totempole

That Eighties Feel

Complete the Kalimba world with the ol'school mode enabled

A mighty Friend Ship

Achieve an all golden The Dark Void Coop Totempole

True Friends

Achieve an all golden coop Kalimba totem pole


Squash 12 seekers at once

Déjà vu

Play through "DJ Steelface" twice, in one go, without dying

Faster than a Shaman

Set a time in all levels in Puma Mode

Perfect Spiritual Harmony

Get a gold totem in every level. Finish Old Skool and Puma Mode.