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No missable achievements (plus 120 unknown)

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Jump 1000 times

Trial and error

Do 100 attempts

Stereo Madness!

Complete "Stereo Madness" in Normal mode

Back On Track!

Complete "Back On Track" in Normal mode

So close

Crash at over 95% on a main level in normal mode

Crash Tester

Do 500 attempts


Complete "Polargeist" in Normal mode


Complete level 1-3 in Normal mode (Steam Exclusive)

Stereo Bump

Complete "Stereo Madness" in Practice mode


Complete a user created level in Normal mode

On my way

Complete "Back On Track" in Practice mode

I like jumping

Jump 10000 times

Dry Out!

Complete "Dry Out" in Normal mode

Base After Base!

Complete "Base After Base" in Normal mode

RobTop Gamer

Click on the More Games button!


Like an online level


Complete "Polargeist" in Practice mode


A secret is required


Collect 5 Secret Coins


Complete "Dry Out" in Practice mode

Hold on

Complete "Cant Let Go" in Practice mode

All your base...

Complete "Base After Base" in Practice mode

You jump like a pro!

Jump 20000 times

You Shall Not Pass!

Do 2000 attempts

Tick Tock

Complete "Time Machine" in Practice mode

Cant Let Go!

Complete "Cant Let Go" in Normal mode


Complete "Jumper" in Normal mode

Maybe behind that block?

Collect 10 Secret Coins

Hop Hop...

Complete "Jumper" in Practice mode


Complete 10 user created levels in Normal mode


Review "Geometry Dash" and let us know what you think


Rate the difficulty of an online level


Complete "Cycles" in Practice mode


Complete "xStep" in Practice mode


Complete "Clutterfunk" in Practice mode

Number one fan!

Like Geometry Dash on Facebook

I.. Need... MORE!

Collect 15 Secret Coins


Subscribe to RobTop Games on YouTube

Electro Time

Complete "Electroman Adventures" in Practice mode

Blast Power

Complete "Blast Processing" in Practice mode

Jump, Forrest, jump

Complete a Map Pack

Blast Processing!

Complete "Blast Processing" in Normal mode

Theory of Something

Complete "Theory of Everything" in Practice mode


Complete "Hexagon Force" in Practice mode

Time Machine!

Complete "Time Machine" in Normal mode


Complete "Electrodynamix" in Practice mode


Complete "xStep" in Normal mode

Oh, Shiny!

Collect 100 stars

Hop Hop Hop

Jump 50000 times


A secret is required


Create and submit a custom level

We wants it!

Collect 20 Secret Coins


Complete "Cycles" in Normal mode

Theory of Everything!

Complete "Theory of Everything" in Normal mode


Complete "Clubstep" in Practice mode

Master Detective

A hidden treasure is required

Electroman Adventures!

Complete "Electroman Adventures" in Normal mode

We needs it!

Collect 25 Secret Coins

The Gamer

Complete 50 user created levels in Normal mode

Must have the precious

Collect 30 Secret Coins

More stars!

Collect 200 stars


Do 10000 attempts

Reflex Champion

Complete a Demon difficulty level in Normal mode

Second Theory

Complete "Theory of Everything 2" in Practice mode


Complete "Clutterfunk" in Normal mode

They stole it from us!

Collect 35 Secret Coins

Star Maniac

Collect 300 stars


Complete 100 user created levels in Normal mode

Failure is not an option

Complete 5 Map Packs

Demon Chaser

Complete 2 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode


A secret is required

Hexagon Force!

Complete "Hexagon Force" in Normal mode

Where is it?! Where is it?!

Collect 40 Secret Coins

Master Collector

Collect 400 stars

The One

Complete 3 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode


Complete "Electrodynamix" in Normal mode

Thief, thief, thief!

Collect 45 Secret Coins

Demon Master

Complete 4 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode

Epic Collector

Collect 500 stars

My Precious...

Collect 50 Secret Coins

Map Packer

Complete 10 Map Packs

Spike dodger

Complete 200 user created levels in Normal mode

Demonic Guardian

Complete 5 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode


Complete "Clubstep" in Normal mode (Steam Exclusive Bonus)

Epic Master Collector

Collect 600 stars


Complete "Clubstep" in Normal mode


Like or Dislike 100 online levels

There's more!?

Collect 55 Secret Coins

Theory of Everything 2!

Complete "Theory of Everything 2" in Normal mode

Star Factory

Collect 700 stars

Found it under a rock!

Collect 60 Secret Coins


Collect 800 stars

No match for me!

Complete 300 user created levels in Normal mode

Not so secret

Collect 65 Secret Coins

Demonic Overmind

Complete 10 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode


Collect 900 stars

Nothing is secret!

Collect 70 Secret Coins


Collect 1000 stars

Pack it up

Complete 15 Map Packs

Master of Timing

Complete 15 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode

Finders Keepers!

Collect 75 Secret Coins


Complete 20 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode

The Golden Rule

Collect 80 Secret Coins

Bring me their heads!

Complete 500 user created levels in Normal mode


Rate the difficulty of 100 online levels

Package Complete

Complete 20 Map Packs

Robin Hood

Collect 85 Secret Coins

Was that all of them?

Collect 1500 stars


Complete 30 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode

The Finder

Collect 90 Secret Coins

You pack, I complete

Complete 25 Map Packs

Tax Collector

Collect 95 Secret Coins

Give me a CHALLENGE!

Complete 40 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode

Knock knock. Who's there? STARS!

Collect 2000 stars

The King's Vault

Collect 100 Secret Coins

I R Unstoppable!

Complete 30 Map Packs

Tonight, we dine in GEOMETRY DASH!

Complete 1000 user created levels in Normal mode


Like or Dislike 1000 online levels

Geometry Creator

Get 100 likes on a created level

Guiding Light

Rate the difficulty of 1000 online levels