FIVE: Champions of Canaan achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 49 unknown)

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First Boss

Defeat your first Boss

Round One

Complete your first round

The Next Generation

Reach Level 2 with an arena character

Hoarder's Delight

Collect all artifact weapons for one weapon type

The Hovel of Pain

Survive ten rounds without being defeated

A Hero Emerges

Complete ‘A New Champion’ story event

Weapon Mastery

Unlock all abilities for one weapon type

Swift Precision

Defeat fifty enemies during a round using the ‘Spear Flurry’ ability

Battle Tested

Reach Level 20 with an arena character

Edomite Alchemist

Defeat Kenaz boss

The People's Champion

Complete ‘A Moral Quandary’ story event

Aramean Warrior

Defeat Kerak

Heavy Handed

Defeat fifty enemies during a round using the ‘Headsplitter’ ability

The Long Haul

Complete ten rounds in succession without going back to the Jerusalem Market

My Aim Is True

Defeat fifteen enemies during a round using the ‘Charged Shot’ ability

Round and Round

Defeat fifty enemies during a round using the ‘Cyclone’ ability

Captain's Orders

Defeat fifty Captains

Bow and Quiver

Defeat Moreh boss

Descendant of Rephaim

Defeat Lacham boss

Ammonite General

Defeat Gabar boss

Giving Back

Donate one hundred thousand shekels

Fresh Bait

Defeat Asher

Tomorrow is a New Day

Complete ‘A Crushing Defeat’ story event

A Guardian's Counsel

Complete ‘Fatherly Advice’ story event

The Mighty Moabite

Defeat Pithon

Combat Fundamentals

Complete a round (after round 100) using only primary and secondary attacks

Mark of a Champion

Reach Level 50 with an arena character

The Good Samaritan

Donate one million shekels

King David's Respect

Defeat Naphal

Champion's Arsenal

Unlock all abilities for each weapon type

Benaiah Would Be Proud

Defeat Ari

Champion of Canaan

Complete ‘Mitonia’s Last Stand’ story event

Relieved of Duty

Defeat one hundred Generals

Best of the Best

Defeat Seir

Farm Fresh

Complete five Chicken rounds

Arena Warrior

Complete two hundred rounds

Hoarder's Dream

Collect all boss artifacts

Call To Arms

Donate one thousand weapons

Aggressive Acrobatics

Defeat thirty enemies during a round using the ‘Flying Backstab’ ability

Head Hunter

Collect all boss artifacts for one boss

The New Shepherd

It's Raining Fire

Set forty enemies on fire during a round using the ‘Fire Shot’ ability

The Harder They Fall

Defeat two hundred and fifty Heavy Hitters

Up Close and Personal

Successfully use the 'Reeling Hooks' ability twenty-five times during a round

The Old Shepherd

Listen to all of Eder’s stories in the Jerusalem Market

Coming Though

Successfully use the 'Bull Rush' ability twenty-five times during a round

The Best Defense

Successfully use the 'Shield Bash' ability thirty times during a round

Relentless Sting

Defeat fifty enemies during a round using the 'Hornet Pot' ability

A Champion Rises

Complete ‘A Champion Rises’ story event