Puzzle Ball achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Launch game

Customize the game

Go to the game settings


Complete the first level in the company


Complete three levels in the company

Your level

Create a level

User Level

Load a user level

The first rate

Rate any user level

Sort levels

Sort levels in any way

What is interesting in other

Load three user levels

Express your opinion

Rate 3 user levels

I need to see everything

Load 10 user levels

Interesting levels

Rate 10 user levels

I like to evaluate

Rate 20 user levels


Create a 3 levels


Create a 5 levels

Level expert

Rate 50 user levels

I understand nothing!

I like to do it

Create a 10 levels

Art to create

Create a 15 levels

Prepared player

Complete all levels in the company

My vocation

Create a 20 levels

World architect

Create a 30 levels


Complete 3 user level

Start of construction

Run level editor


Complete 10 user level


Set a new highscore for passing 10 levels of users

Everyone looks at you

Set a new highscore for passing 3 levels of users

First step

Complete 1 user level

The first highscore

Set a new highscore for the passage of any level of user

Design engineer

Create a 2 levels, which consists of 100 or more blocks

The tremendous scope

Create a level, which consists of 100 or more blocks

Olympic highscore

Set a highscore record for passing 50 levels of users

Big adventure

Complete 20 user level

It's impossible

Set a new highscore for passing 20 levels of users

Great campaign

Complete 50 user level


Create a 5 levels, which consists of 100 or more blocks