DungeonUp achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 49 unknown)

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School's Out

Finished the tutorial.

Cut Your Teeth

Finished Zone 1 in Story Mode.


Killed a non-boss monster with one blow.


Finished Zone 2 in Story Mode.


Used a Soul Stone to respawn.


Finished Zone 1 without using a Bomb.

Mega Kill

Killed 10 monsters of the same kind in a row.

Orcs must die

Finished Zone 3 in Story Mode.


Finished Zone 3 facing the Dwarf Captain directly.

Deal With the Devil

Used a Soul Stone to purchase an item.

Key Maker

Had 18 keys in your keybag.

Skeleton Slayer

Defeated the Skeleton King three times.

Number of the Beast

Killed 1,000 monsters.


Finished Zone 4 in Story Mode.

Soul Dealer

Spent 10 Soul Stones.

Vampire Slayer

Defeated the Vampire King three times.

Open-Plan Dungeon

Opened all doors in a zone.

Send Someone Better

Killed a boss with one blow.

Flame of the West

Reforged the Fire Sword.


Killed all monsters in a zone.

Highway To Hell

Finished Zone 5 in Story Mode.

Mortal Hero

Finished Story Mode without dying.

God Save the King

Revived the Dwarf King.

Coward Slayer

Defeated the Dwarf Captain three times.


Opened 1,000 doors.

Ali Baba

Hoarded 10,000 gold.

A Key Principle

Bought three Red Keys.

Speed Emperor

Finished Zone 4 in 20 minutes.

Speed King

Finished Zone 3 in 15 minutes.

Speed Knight

Finished Zone 2 in 10 minutes.

Demon Slayer

Defeated Zreluhm three times.

Career Gold-Hunter

Picked up 100,000 gold.

A True Hero

Finished Story Mode.


Defeated the Illusionist Lord three times.


Finished Story Mode without buying keys.

I Know A Shortcut

Found 100 Secret Paths.

Diamond for Burger

Used Soul Stone to speed up the free key.


Defeated the Lamp Genie three times.

Speed God

Finished Zone 5 in 25 minutes.

Speed Knave

Finished Zone 1 in 5 minutes.

The Weak Point

Finished Zone 5 without the Fire Sword.


Finished Zone 2 without the Cross.


Finished Zone 4 without the Antimagic Ring.

Penny Pincher

Finished Story Mode without buying anything.

Maze Crawler

Finished Zone 1 in Maze Mode ten times.

Maze Explorer

Finished Zone 2 in Maze Mode ten times.

Maze Champion

Finished Zone 3 in Maze Mode ten times.

Maze Master

Finished Zone 4 in Maze Mode ten times.


Finished Zone 5 in Maze Mode ten times.