Coffin Dodgers achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 40 unknown)

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Win your first race.

During The War...

Run over an opponent’s fallen body, adding insult to an already pretty painful injury. You monster.

My Kart Is Augmented

Buy an upgrade.

Gone In Many Seconds

Boost without crashing, 20 times.

Batteries not Included

Get taken out by a UFO laser.

We Can Rebuild Him

Fully upgrade a single kart aspect.

Am I Missing An Eyebrow?

Expertly explode 20 pensioners with the use of a rocket.


Use an EMP 20 times successfully.

Slick Moves Like Jagger

Slip up 20 people’s Sunday drive with some oil.

Death Defier

Get gold in all races in the village.

Luckily My Shield Will Protect Me

Successfully use a shield to block 20 attacks.

Death Decider

Get gold in all races in the showdown.


Get 1 Crazy Granddad item.

Death Derider

Get gold in all races in the town.

Feeling Lucky?

Hose 20 oldies with the Uzi.

Death Despiser

Get gold in all races in the farm.

Death Defiler

Get gold in all races in the graveyard.

Million Dollar Granddad

Fully upgrade your kart.

Silver Surfer

Take your online points total past 10, proving that old people and the Internet isn’t a disaster waiting to happen.

Paperboy The Hard Way

Run over 5 bikers.

He Was A Skater Boy

Knock 5 skaters off the road.

Casting your net

Win a single network multiplayer race, your first step to world domination.

Worldly Wise Whiz

Amass over 50 points online, it’s what Tim Berners-Lee would have wanted.

Disco Driving

Catch that Saturday Night Fever by winning a network race on a Saturday.

No rest for the wicked

Why rest when you could be earning achievements. Win a network race on a Sunday.

A Quiet Night In

Get the blow-up doll in the crazy Granddad game mode for an evening of pleasure with your very own plastic friend.

Jason goes to Sunny Pines

Win a network race on a Friday. Just avoid going down by the lake if you can.

A Manic Monday

Add to the mayhem by winning a network race on a Monday.

Over the hump

Win a network race on a Wednesday. Then celebrate by visiting the most duck filled pond you ever sat by.

Tuesday’s child

Put your graceful driving to good use by winning a network race on a Tuesday.

Thor's Day

Impress the mighty Thor with a network race victory on a Thursday.

Double, double toil and trouble

Get a Snatch Item pair for double points and bragging rights down at the bingo club.

Snatch me if you can

Snatch an item off an opponent in Snatch game mode. What has society come to!

Christmas Truce?

Not a chance, take out your opponents and win a network race on Christmas day.

Trick or Treat

Add insult to injury by winning a network race on Halloween, Grim’s favourite day of the year.

You Old Romantic

Win a network race on Valentine’s Day and dedicate this achievement to that special someone.

Week Minded

You're an all rounder. Win a network race on each day of the week..