Battlestar Galactica Deadlock achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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There Are Those Who Believe...

Complete Chapter One

Show of Force

Complete Chapter Two


Complete Chapter Three

What Do You Hear?

Destroy 10 enemy ships

The Red Line

Complete Chapter Four

Start of a Legacy

Complete Chapter Five

Medical Aid

Complete Chapter Six

Bad Habits

Complete Chapter Seven

Sagittaron Democratic Union

Complete Chapter Eight

Nothing But The Rain

Destroy 100 enemy ships

So Say We All

Win a skirmish or multiplayer match with a custom Colonial fleet


Complete Chapter Nine

Distribution of Power

Redistribute power in a Cylon ship

Are You Alive?

Complete Chapter Ten

Nuclear Option

Unlock the nuke munition in the single-player campaign


Complete Chapter Eleven

Jupiter Project

Unlock the Jupiter-class battlestar in the single-player campaign

More Than A Name

Complete Chapter Twelve


Complete Chapter Thirteen

All Of This Has Happened Before...

Complete the single-player campaign

Throw Them Out The Airlock

Successfully board an opponent's ship with a Heavy Raider

Technological Superiority

Successfully hack an opponent's ship with the Nemesis or the Wardriver

By Your Command

Win a skirmish or multiplayer match with a custom Cylon fleet

Endeavor / Evolution

Unlock all blueprints in the single-player campaign

Grab Your Gun And Bring in The Cat

Destroy 500 enemy ships

Articles of Colonization

Have at least 10 Colonies fortified in the single-player campaign