Man O' War: Corsair achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 60 unknown)

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Sunk Hulk

Sink a Hulk.

Sunk Bigchukka

Sink a Bigchukka.

Sunk Drillakilla

Sink a Drillakilla.

Sunk Wargalley

Sink a Wargalley.

Sunk Wolfship

Sink a Wolfship.

Sunk Deathgalley

Sink a Deathgalley.

Sunk Greatship

Sink a Greatship.

Sunk Corsair

Sink a Corsair.


Sink 20 ships.

Sunk Buccaneer

Sink a Buccaneer.

Scourge of the Orcs

Sink 10 Orc vessels.

Sunk Ironshark

Sink an Ironshark.

Sunk Galleon

Sink a Galleon.

Sunk Bloodship

Sink a Bloodship.

Scourge of Chaos

Sink 10 Chaos vessels.


Sink 50 ships.

Scourge of the Pirates

Sink 10 pirate vessels.

Sunk Plagueship

Sink a Plagueship.

Sunk Doombringer

Sink a Doombringer.

Sunk Death Fortress

Sink a Death Fortress.

Sunk Hell-hammer

Sink a Hell-hammer.

Sunk Ironfist

Sink an Ironfist.

Sunk Plaguecrusher

Sink a Plaguecrusher.


Recruit a Bright Wizard.

Sunk Hellship

Sink a Hellship.

Sunk Doomreaver

Sink a Doomreaver.

Sunk Warp-raider

Sink a Warp-raider.


Slay 5 sea monsters.

Sunk Deathburner

Sink a Deathburner.

Destroyed Bane Tower of Tzeentch

Send a Bane Tower of Tzeentch back to the Warp.

Sunk Hellrammer

Sink a Hellrammer.

Scourge of Kislev

Sink 10 Kislevite vessels.

Destroyed Great Winged Terror

Send a Great Winged Terror back to the Warp.


Recruit a Gold Wizard.


Recruit a Grey Wizard.


Recruit a Celestial Wizard.

Sunk Hawkship

Sink a Hawkship.

Magister of Shyish

Recruit an Amethyst Wizard.

Scourge of the Empire

Sink 10 Empire vessels.

Sunk Hellslicer

Sink a Hellslicer.

Sunk Monitor

Sink a Monitor.


Recruit a Jade Wizard.

Scourge of the Skaven

Sink 10 Skaven vessels.


Recruit an Amber Wizard.

Scourge of the Dark Elves

Sink 10 Dark Elf vessels.


Recruit a Light Wizard.


Sink 200 ships.

Sunk Eagleship

Sink an Eagleship.

Sunk Dragonship

Sink a Dragonship.

Scourge of Estalia

Sink 10 Estalian vessels.

Sunk Ironclad

Sink an Ironclad.

Sunk Dreadnought

Sink a Dreadnought.

Scourge of Tilea

Sink 10 Tilean vessels.

Sunk Nautilus

Sink a Nautilus.


Recruit wizards from all eight Colleges of Magic.


Visit every non-pirate port in a single campaign.

Scourge of the High Elves

Sink 10 High Elf vessels.

Legend of the Seas

Sink 1000 ships.

Master Hunter

Slay 50 sea monsters.

Scourge of the Dwarfs

Sink 10 Dwarf vessels.